Mother and son drown after motorcycle plunges into canal

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A tragic accident occurred when a motorcycle with a sidecar plunged into a canal, resulting in the drowning deaths of a mother and her son. The police are investigating the exact cause of the incident.

The accident happened at 12.10am today, June 30, when Police Lieutenant Piyanat Boonchan with the Wangkhu Police Station, was informed about a motorcycle falling into the Wang Elien Canal in Ban Khlong Yai Soi, Moo 10, Thung Phra Ya Subdistrict, Sanam Chai Khet District, Chachoengsao Province. He promptly headed to the scene with the rescue team from Phanom.

At the public canal, they discovered a Honda Wave motorcycle with a sidecar, bearing the registration number ขขว 63 Chachoengsao, which had veered off the road and fallen into the water. A single shoe and a headlamp were found floating in the canal, while a mobile phone was spotted in the front basket of the motorcycle.

Rescue workers and local villagers began searching for the missing individuals. They soon found the bodies of the mother and her son. The mother, identified as 56 year old Pan, was found in the middle of the canal with a cloth tied around her waist, which was connected to a traditional Thai cloth (pha khao ma). The body of her son, 38 year old Preecha, was found shortly after, also tied with the same type of cloth.

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A villager who was out hunting for frogs and toads in a palm plantation on the opposite side of the canal noticed the motorcycle with its engine still running and immediately alerted the rescue centre. They suspected that the driver had fallen into the canal and requested the rescue team search for the missing individuals. The rescue team eventually found both the mother and son drowned in the water.

During the investigation, Pan’s husband revealed that she had been suffering from chronic illnesses and was under significant stress. Preecha, the son, also had a mental condition. The exact cause of the accident remains unclear, and further investigation is needed to determine the precise circumstances, reported KhaoSod.

Pol. Lt. Piyanat stated that the bodies were initially sent to Sanam Chai Khet Hospital for an autopsy. The police will continue to interview those close to the deceased to gather more information and ascertain the true cause of the tragic accident.

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