Mystery deepens: Child’s drowning in isaan linked to dark stranger

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The plot thickens regarding the death of a child who allegedly drowned in the Isaan province of Sisaket. The victim’s four year old classmate and friend reported seeing a man with dark skin taking the three year old girl out of the nursery. Her lifeless body was later found in a swamp 800 metres away.

The parents of the dead girl, three year old Alice, suspected foul play after their daughter was found dead in the swamp on June 15. They believed that the little girl was unable to walk alone from the nursery to the swamp and blamed the recklessness of the teachers at the nursery for their daughter’s death.

Alice’s body underwent autopsies twice, at Sisaket Hospital and the Police General Hospital in Bangkok. The medical professionals did not find any traces of assault and initially concluded that the cause of Alice’s death was drowning.

However, the family remains suspicious about the death, prompting the Yang Chum Noi Police Station officers to conduct further investigation into the case and conduct another autopsy on her body.

Three teachers and children at the nursery were questioned by officers. One of the teachers, Nui, revealed to Channel 8 that she learned from another teacher named Pupe that Pupe’s four year old daughter, who was a friend of Alice at the nursery, noticed a man with dark skin arrive at the nursery on a bicycle and take Alice out of the area.

Channel 8 reporters attempted to interview Pupe about the matter but she refused to provide any information, saying she already reported the details to the police.

The parents told the media that they could accept it if the last autopsy confirmed that their daughter drowned. However, they would remain curious for the rest of their lives about how Alice walked to the incident scene alone.

The couple added that they would not cremate Alice’s body and would bury her at the temple instead.

Regarding the legal proceedings on the case, the parents insisted that they would continue fighting until Alice received the justice she deserved.


ORIGINAL STORY: 3 year old girl found dead after disappearing from nursery in Isaan

A three year old girl disappeared from a nursery in the Isaan province of Sisaket before her dead body was found in a swamp 800 meters away. Her devastated parents suspect foul play.

The body of the young girl, Bee, was found in a swamp in the middle of a rice field in the Yan Chum Noi district of Sisaket province on Saturday, June 15. Officers from the Yang Chum Noi Police Station were called to the scene to investigate.

Upon arrival, officers met with Bee’s 26 year old father, Parinya Maneewong. Parinya explained that he received a call from a community head informing him that his daughter had disappeared from the Ban Khor Child Development Centre around 12.50pm.

Parinya said he searched inside the centre and then the surrounding area until he discovered his daughter’s body in the swamp.

Parinya revealed that he and his wife have two children, a 6 year old boy and the 3 year old deceased girl. They worked at a fruit plantation in the central province of Chanthaburi and had just returned to their home province of Sisaket four to five days before the incident.

Parinya emphasised that he and his wife found the death suspicious. He believed it impossible for his daughter to walk alone from the nursery to the swamp, as it was over 800 metres away across a paddy field ridge.

Moreover, the shoes the girl was wearing were not hers and were too clean for shoes that walked through a muddy rice field. He also did not see the girl’s footprints at the scene or nearby. Her diaper was found neatly placed on the bank of the swamp.

Parinya believes someone must carry the girl to the swamp and urged officers to conduct an autopsy and further investigation.

Parinya added that he had a premonition the day before his daughter’s death. He asked her what she wanted to be in the future, and she said she wanted to be a ghost. He thought it was just a child’s funny response and did not expect anything bad would happen.

Police officers found no signs of attack at the scene or on the girl’s body but Sisaket Hospital will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Three year old Thai girl found dead in rice field
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