Thailand Video News | Teenagers wreak random havoc at cannabis shop, Bolt driver assaults woman over fare dispute

In Thailand video news today, Alex looks at a group of teenagers who have been captured on CCTV repeatedly vandalising and attacking a Chon Buri cannabis shop. A road rage incident went viral online after being defused by two pit-bull like dogs, and a Thai woman has warned people on TikTok after being assaulted by a Bolt driver over a fare dispute. A durian shop is suing a customer over allegedly false claims on TikTok, and diplomats have come together to celebrate LGBTIQ+ rights in Bangkok. A Thai resort is preparing for an influx of tourists after the filming of “The White Lotus” Season 3 was completed, and an Australian man is facing serious charges for possession of methamphetamines. A trial run for a train line from Bangkok to Beijing via Laos is scheduled for today.

Teenagers wreak random havoc at cannabis shop

A group of teenagers was caught on CCTV vandalizing the Stoner Area cannabis shop in Sattahip, escalating their attacks over several days. Initially, they threatened the shop with baseball bats, but no damage was done. On June 11, two helmeted men caused significant damage using a machete and a soda bottle. The shop owner, Sakda Niamphai, and his friends tried to chase them but were scared off by what sounded like gunfire. Sakda, baffled by the attacks, urged the police to act swiftly. Authorities are reviewing CCTV footage to identify the culprits.

Dogs intervene to halt road rage clash

A road rage incident in Thailand was defused by two pit bull-like dogs, as captured in a viral video. The confrontation began when one truck driver cut off another, leading to an aggressive confrontation. As the aggressor approached the second truck, the dogs emerged, barking ferociously and causing him to retreat. The video, widely shared on social media, shows the entire sequence and has been praised for the dogs’ timely intervention. Viewers have discussed how the situation could have escalated without the dogs’ involvement, highlighting the unexpected ways road rage can be defused.

Bolt driver assaults woman over fare dispute

A Thai woman used TikTok to warn others about her experience with a Bolt ride-hailing driver who assaulted her over a fare dispute. After arriving at her destination, the driver demanded more than the 66 baht fare shown in the app and attacked her when she refused to pay extra. The incident was captured on CCTV and shared on TikTok. The woman was hospitalized and filed a police complaint. The attacker has been apprehended, though his identity remains undisclosed. The incident has sparked outrage online, with many criticizing Bolt for inadequate background checks on drivers and highlighting previous similar incidents.

Durian shop to sue after false tiktok fraud claim

A durian shop plans to sue a customer despite their apology for falsely accusing the shop of fraud in a viral TikTok post. The customer initially claimed they were cheated, prompting widespread attention and damaging the shop’s reputation. The shop owner clarified that the incident was a misunderstanding and the full amount of durian had been provided. Although the customer apologized, admitting their mistake, the shop owner insists on legal action due to the significant harm caused to their reputation.

Diplomats unite to celebrate LBGTQI+ rights in Bangkok

The European Union delegation, alongside the embassies of Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, hosted a reception celebrating Pride Month at the US Chief of Mission’s residence in Bangkok. The event, themed “Pride, Rights, Thrive,” attracted over 200 guests, including diplomats, government officials, LGBTQI+ activists, and advocates. US Ambassador Robert Godec, EU Ambassador David Daly, UK Ambassador Mark Gooding, and Australian Chargé d’Affaires Julia Feeney highlighted the importance of LGBTQI+ rights as human rights and praised Thailand’s progress towards equality. The evening featured speeches, performances, and networking, underscoring the international commitment to LGBTQI+ inclusivity and human rights.

Thai resorts brace for White Lotus tourist tsunami

As the filming of Season 3 of “The White Lotus” wraps up at luxurious Thai resorts, hotels and tour operators are preparing for a surge in tourism. Previous seasons, filmed in Hawaii and Sicily, led to a spike in visitors to those locations. Anticipating a similar effect, bookings to Thailand have already surged, with resorts like Four Seasons Koh Samui and Anantara Mai Khao seeing increased demand and higher prices. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has noted heightened interest in key destinations like Koh Samui, Phuket, and Bangkok. However, Koh Samui faces challenges with waste management and water shortages. Local leaders are urged to improve infrastructure to handle the expected tourist influx.

Australian man faces serious drug charges over meth possession

An Australian man, Troy Andrew Smith, went on trial in Bali for possessing methamphetamine. Smith, arrested on April 30 after police found 3.15 grams of crystal meth in his hotel room, faces up to 12 years in prison. Initially charged with drug trafficking, which carries a possible death penalty, Smith’s charge was reduced to drug use after assessments confirmed he was a user, not a dealer. Prosecutors recommended a psychological evaluation and six months of rehabilitation. Smith confessed to using drugs since 2020 to quit alcohol. His lawyer aims to prove he has no ties to drug trafficking. The trial resumes on June 20.

Bangkok to Beijing via Laos train route nears trial run

Thailand is edging closer to launching a train service from Bangkok to Beijing, with a trial run between Bangkok and Vientiane set for July 13-14. Once operational, this new rail link will enhance connectivity between Thailand, Laos, and China. The journey from Bangkok to Beijing, covering approximately 3,218 km, will take almost a full day compared to a five-hour non-stop flight. Currently, a high-speed train between China and Laos facilitates faster freight transport. Improved rail links aim to boost Thailand’s economic growth and strengthen trade and tourism ties with China. By 2028, a high-speed rail system will further connect Thailand to China through Laos.

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