TikTok warning: Bolt rider assaults Thai woman over fare dispute

Photo via TikTok/ @picnicka

A Thai woman took to TikTok to warn other users about her experience with the Bolt ride-hailing application, where the rider in Bangkok physically assaulted her after she refused to pay his inflated fare.

The victim shared security camera footage of the physical assault on her TikTok account, @picnicka, yesterday, June 12. According to the victim, the violent app-based rider was from the Bolt application but was not wearing the app jacket.

The woman recounted in the video caption that she booked a ride from Huay Kwang district to Soi On Nut 41 in the Phra Khanong neighbourhood of Bangkok at 9.30am on June 11. The transport fare shown in the app was 66 baht.

Upon arrival at the destination, the rider asked her to cancel the ride and forced her to give him her phone for cancellation. The woman cancelled the ride as he wished and paid him 66 baht, as shown in the app.

The rider refused to accept the payment and demanded more money from her but she refused. The woman then took a picture of the rider and sent it to a customer support officer of the Bolt application to inquire why she had to pay an extra fare.

Her action angered the rider, leading him to attack her until she collapsed. The CCTV footage shared on TikTok showed the attacker repeatedly kicking and punching the victim.

Bolt criticism

The woman revealed that she was admitted to Vibharam Hospital and later filed a complaint at Phra Khanong Police Station.

The news Twitter account Red Skull broke her story today, June 13, revealing that the attacker had been apprehended by police, though his identity remained undisclosed. However, details of the legal action against the rider were yet to be revealed.

Numerous Thai netizens voiced outrage over the Bolt application’s apparent negligence, citing similar incidents involving riders from the app occurring multiple times before. Some users criticised the app for failing to conduct background checks on riders, putting customers at risk.

Meanwhile, attention also turned to a security guard present at the scene who allegedly failed to intervene or assist the victim. However, some defended the guard, citing his age and previous incidents where guards lost their lives in similar situations.

In a related report in March, a Thai woman sought help from local motorcycle taxi riders on Sirindhorn Road in Bangkok after noticing her Bolt rider was half-naked.

Another story related to the Bolt application was reported in October of last year when a Bolt taxi driver overcharged a Thai woman. The driver demanded a 1,350 baht fare for a 30-minute ride, which should have cost only 300 to 400 baht.


คนสมัยนี้ช่างโหดร้าย เห็นเกิดเมื่อวันที่12/6/67เวลาประมาณ9.30น.อ่อนนุช41 ได้เรียกใช้บริการแอพbolt มาส่งจากห้วยขวาง ในแอพราคา66บาท มาถึงปลายทางอ่อนนุช41 คนขับขอโทรศัพท์กดยกเลิกให้เหตุผลว่าผมลืมกดยืนยัน ถึงที่หมายยื่นเงินให้70บาทคนขับบอกไม่ใช่ราคานี้เราก็ยื่นแอพให้ดู เขาไม่ยอม จะให้เราจ่ายตามที่เขาเรียกเก็บ เราเลยขอถ่ายรูปคุยกับแอพที่เรียกก่อนว่าทำไมเราต้องจ่ายเพิ่ม เขาโมโหลงมาซ้อมเราไม่ยั้ง จนเราลงไปนอนกองกับพื้น เขาเลยขับรถหนีไป ตอนนี้เราเข้ารับรักษาตัวที่รพ.วิภาราม และได้แจ้งความที่สน.พระโขนงแล้ว แจ้งเตือนไว้เป็นอุทาหรณ์สำหรับผู้หญิงที่เรียกรถผ่านแอพ คนสมัยนี้น่ากลัว ฝาดเคราะห์ไปอีกวัน ขอความเฮงจงบังเกิดต่อไปจากนี้ด้วยเทอญ🙏🙏🙏ขอขอบคุณคุณนัดบอสบริษัทแอดวานซ์คาเบลโล่ ช่วยเหลือทุกอย่างทั้งเรื่องรพ.และเรื่องคดี

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