Fruitful apology: Durian shop to sue after false TikTok fraud claim apology

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A customer issued an apology after accusing a durian shop of fraud in a viral TikTok post, which later turned out to be a misunderstanding. The shop owner accepted the apology but insisted on pursuing legal action due to the damage caused to the shop’s reputation.

A TikTok user posted a video clip with a damaging message.

“As consumers, we must think twice. Durian is so expensive, but the seller cheated us like this. So frustrating.”

The video garnered numerous comments, sparking widespread attention.

The durian shop owner revealed to Khaosod Online that the incident was false and that the customer did not show the entire clip. The owner confirmed plans to file a legal complaint.

The customer later apologised with a traditional Thai gesture, a Wai, admitting that they had received the full amount of durian and that the shop had not cheated them. The misunderstanding stemmed from the customer’s misrepresentation, which led to the shop’s tarnished reputation.

“I thought I didn’t receive the full amount, but I actually did. The shop didn’t cheat me at all. It was my own mistake.”

Despite accepting the apology, the shop owner remained firm on pursuing legal action due to the significant impact on the shop’s reputation caused by the customer’s actions, reported KhaoSod.

“We accept the apology but will still proceed with legal action because the incident has severely affected our shop’s reputation.”

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