Thai woman alleges relatives stole 1.5 million baht inheritance

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A woman claims her relatives defrauded her of her father’s inheritance, valued at 1.5 million baht, despite a court order appointing her as the estate manager. The inheritance includes 3 baht of gold, a gold ring, a gold-encased amulet, and insurance money.

Around 11am today, July 11, at Bang Sri Mueang Police Station in Nonthaburi, Athiwat Sirikangwalwong, founder of the Dare to Step Forward page, accompanied by 28 year old Pimnipa, a saleswoman at a renowned car dealership, and daughter of 53 year old Peernithi Suepitakpa who died from electrocution while on duty, along with his ex-wife, 53 year old Kulphassorn, and his former assistant, 43 year old Supasin, arrived to follow up on the case.

The case revolves around Pimnipa’s allegations that her relatives misappropriated her late father’s assets. Despite being appointed as the estate manager, Pimnipa received a message from her father’s nephew stating that if she wanted her share of the inheritance, she must take care of her disabled grandmother, 83 year old Sukritai, and handle the legal matters herself. Pimnipa reported the incident to Bang Sri Mueang Police Station and sought assistance from the Dare to Step Forward page to reclaim her father’s estate.

On October 12 last year, Pimnipa’s father Peernithi was electrocuted while repairing a car. Despite attempts to revive him, he was pronounced dead, and his body was sent for an autopsy at Bangpakok 8 Hospital. After learning of her father’s death, Pimnipa attended the funeral only to discover that her father’s gold jewellery, worn during his death, was missing. She later found out that her relatives had sold the gold and used the funeral insurance money, claiming it covered the funeral expenses.

Pimnipa wants to recover all of her father’s assets, including a gold necklace weighing 3 baht, a gold ring weighing 1 baht, a gold-encased amulet, 50,000 baht in funeral insurance, and approximately 1 million baht in life insurance, totalling about 1.5 million baht.

Embezzlement proceedings

Athiwat, founder of the Dare to Step Forward page, acknowledged Pimnipa’s complaint.

“She is the only daughter and has no rights to her father’s inheritance, while the relatives, who are cousins, have taken control of all assets, including the gold necklace and funeral insurance. She seeks justice as the sole daughter.”

A cousin of the deceased, 43 year old Supasin expressed his concerns.

“I grew up with him, and he always took care of me. It was an unspoken agreement. He trusted me to look after his mother. However, it’s unfair for the daughter to be left out. Despite handling the funeral, the relatives should not have taken her inheritance.”

Pimnipa stated that her father passed away last October. Since then, she has contacted various places, but they either told her to wait or said that her relatives were handling it.

“They pawned and sold his gold without informing me. They also took the 50,000 baht funeral insurance from the Social Security Office, claiming they couldn’t reach me as I was ‘missing.’ The life insurance amount is unknown to me but has not been received. Despite the court appointing me as the estate manager, my relatives told me not to interfere.”

In response to Pimnipa’s grievances, the police have initiated proceedings for embezzlement, reported KhaoSod.

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