Man confesses to murder, car theft and gold robbery in Chiang Mai

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A suspect has confessed to the murder of a rider and a subsequent gold robbery in Chiang Mai, driven by a desire to help his family pay off a 10 million baht debt from a pyramid scheme. The suspect, an ex-student of a prestigious university, meticulously planned the crime for over a year.

Police arrested 27 year old Niphitphon Sombunsukying yesterday, July 8, at his residence in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai. The arrest included the seizure of a 9mm handgun and part of the stolen gold, valued at over 3 million baht. The robbery occurred at a well-known department store in central Chiang Mai, where Niphitphon stole 70 baht-weight of gold.

Police Major General Kritthapol Yeesakhorn personally interrogated the suspect at Phuping Ratchaniwet Police Station. During the questioning, Niphitphon admitted to all charges, revealing that he committed the robbery at around noon and then sold part of the gold at Ton Lamyai Market, before returning home.

Niphitphon detailed his extensive planning, which spanned one year and two months, aimed at raising funds to help his parents clear their substantial debt. He explained that his family had fallen into a 10 million baht debt trap due to a pyramid scheme. To execute the heist, he first scoped out the gold shop and surveyed the escape routes.

On the day of the crime, Niphitphon parked his car in Mueang Chiang Mai district. He then trekked approximately 6 to 7 kilometres through natural trails to Doi Suthep, stopping near Wat Pha Lat. From there, he called a rider to pick him up.

Once in the back seat, he shot the rider in the back of the head. Niphitphon then dragged the body and disposed of it in a 50-metre-deep ravine at Doi Suthep to conceal the evidence.

Meticulously planned

After the gruesome murder of an innocent bystander, he drove the rider’s car to the department store to carry out the gold robbery. Once the robbery was complete, he returned to the body disposal site near Wat Pha Lat.

From there, he walked back through natural trails to his own parked car. He then drove to sell some of the stolen gold before heading back to his residence.

The suspect first approached a gold shop owner, offering to sell eight baht-weight of gold. Upon weighing, the gold was found to be 10 baht-weight, raising suspicions. The shop owner refused to buy the gold, prompting the suspect to move to a second shop, which also declined to buy the gold due to a network of communication among local jewellers who had been alerted to the robbery.

After only being able to sell small parts of the stolen gold, the Niphitphon left the area but was soon tracked down and arrested by the police, reported KhaoSod.

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