Thai woman denies detaining brother amid inheritance dispute

Wisit says he is healthier under his sister's care. | Photo via Channel 8

A Thai woman denied detaining her younger brother amidst a 100-million-baht inheritance dispute, as claimed by her brother’s wife. The Thai woman hit back, accusing her sister-in-law of failing to care for her brother properly.

The woman, Sunee Tanboonheng, urged non-profit organisation Saimai Survive to help free her husband, Wisit, from the control of his older sister, Sawitri, also known as Yok. Sunee accused Sawitri of detaining Wisit to gain his 100 million baht inheritance despite Wisit suffering from a stroke.

Sunee alleged that Sawitri previously mistreated another brother, who subsequently fell ill. However, the children of this brother prevented Sawitri from further involvement with their family.

Following widespread interest from Thai netizens, Sawitri took Wisit for an interview with Channel 3. She strongly denied Sunee’s accusations, stating she had taken her brother from Sunee’s home due to poor living conditions observed during a visit.

Sawitri claimed that Sunee and her two children physically assaulted Wisit, pointing to wounds, bruises, and scratches on his back as evidence. Believing she could provide better care, Sawitri took him to her home. She also alleged that Sunee and her children attacked her with intent to harm.

According to Sawitri, each sibling was named as an executor of the inheritance, which had not yet been divided, and no document necessitated Wisit’s signature.

Wisit confirmed that his sister did not detain him but promised better care if he stayed with her. His health improved under her supervision, attending physiotherapy and yoga sessions.

Although acknowledging his wife’s care, Wisit stated his sister’s was superior. He denied any physical assault but admitted his children occasionally pulled his arm forcefully and smoked in his presence.

Regarding the inheritance, Wisit mentioned that his sister had requested him to sign a related document but declined to disclose further details to the media. He refused communication with his wife and children, stating he was not yet prepared.


ORIGINAL STORY: Stoke-victim detained by sister over 100 million inheritance dispute

A Thai woman allegedly kidnapped her stroke victim brother for nearly two weeks because of a 100-million-baht inheritance conflict.

Sunee Tanboonheng contacted non-profit organisation Saimai Survive, claiming her husband was kidnapped from their shared home in Bangkok by his older sister, Yok. The sister then detained him in her home in Samut Prakan province near Bangkok.

Sunee revealed to Saimai Survive, and several Thai news agencies, that her husband is one of eight siblings, three of whom have passed away. The family’s deceased older sister assigned Sunee’s husband as executor of her will before she died.

Yok wanted her brother to hand over her share of the inheritance but he refused. Yok reportedly harassed Sunee and her husband and attempted to make them divorce. Yok also falsely accused Sunee of physically assaulting her to cause a conflict within her family.

Yok later submitted a request to the court to remove him from the executor position. She claimed to the court that her brother had a congenital disease and could not fulfil the role.

Sunee said her husband initially suffered only from high blood pressure but later suffered a stroke after being harassed by Yok. Her husband has been bedridden ever since then.

On June 28, Sunee was required to appear in court regarding the assault accusation. While she was away, Yok reportedly kidnapped her brother.

Sunee filed a complaint with the police but officers refused to intervene, asking her to resolve the issue with her family by herself. She visited Yok’s home to see her husband but the caretaker barred her from entering.

Sunee said Yok is also pressuring another brother into acquiring his share of the assets. However, his wife and family members strongly oppose Yok, preventing her from interfering in his life.

Sunee urged Saimai Survive to help her, saying she is worried about her husband’s health as he does not have any medication with him.

Saimai Survive’s founder, Ekkaphop Lueangprasert, lodged a complaint with officers at Bang Khunnon Police Station regarding their inaction. He stated that the organisation would not have needed to intervene if the police had visited Yok’s house to free Sunee’s husband and acted as a mediator to help the family reach an agreement.

The struggle to free her husband from his sister goes on for Sunee.

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