Fan tattoos ‘Lisa Rockstar’ on head after music video shoot

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A man expressed admiration for the treasured K-pop star Lisa Manoban, a member of the world-famous music group, BLACKPINK, unconventionally, by tattooing ‘Lisa Rockstar’ on the side of his head. He cited his immense pride after participating in the music video shoot for Lisa’s hit release, Rockstar.

Ratchakarn Nakphian explained that he joined the music video shoot without initially knowing which global artist it was for. All he knew was that it was for a world-renowned artist. The participants, himself included, were asked to surrender their mobile phones and were kept in the dark about the artist’s identity.

Only after inquiring with fellow extras did he learn it was for Lisa, which left him shocked and excited.

During the shoot, Ratchakarn was positioned behind Lisa and observed her dedication firsthand. He noted that after each take, Lisa would personally review the footage on the camera, which deeply impressed him.

Returning home a week before Lisa’s Rockstar music video’s release, Ratchakarn had already decided to get a tattoo of her name. The release of the promotional poster for the song sealed his decision. He felt an overwhelming sense of pride and wanted to commemorate this rare opportunity permanently.

Ratchakarn plans to have Lisa sign his head if he ever meets her again and intends to get that signature inked alongside his ‘Lisa Rockstar’ tattoo. The experience of participating in the music video and his admiration for Lisa’s professionalism and dedication left a lasting impact on him, reported KhaoSod.

In separate news, Phuket is gearing up to compete for the opportunity to host the 2025 InterPride World Conference, with local officials affirming the island province’s readiness.

Governor Sophon Suwannarat led a ceremony for the Pride & Equality Phuket memorandum of understanding alongside representatives from both public and private sectors.

The agreement, aimed at promoting gender equality, includes raising awareness about gender inclusivity, protecting LGBTQ+ community members, and reducing gender discrimination.

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