Serpentine cloud formation at Thai Naga consecration sparks lottery hype

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A moment of magic occurred during a consecration ceremony for a statue of the deity Phaya Naga, when an unexpected cloud formation resembling the serpentine deity emerged in the sky, lingering for over an hour. Enthusiastic attendees took this as a divine symbol, while number-savvy participants keen on lottery prospects were quick to pinpoint potential lucky numbers visible in the cloud formation.

The ceremony was held today at a petrol station situated at address 139 in Nong Waeng sub-district, Kalasin province. It was presided over by Wirat Pimpanit, a Member of Parliament from Kalasin District 1 of the Pheu Thai Party. The ceremony was dedicated to the opening of the divine grace of Phaya Naga Sri Sutho Ratracha, and Phaya Atibadi Nakaphuchong Nakaratchao.

Among the attendees were Charunee Pimpanit from Nakhon Phanom, former Kalasin Provincial Administrative Organization President, Nathawat Pimpanit, a senator from Kalasin’s Mueang district and the petrol station owner, and Keeratikarn Pimpanit, the former secretary of the Kalasin PAO. Also present were local government officers, members of the public, and those who hold a profound belief in the supernatural power of the Nagas.

As the rite progressed, the unexpected phenomenon unfolded. The morning had brought a clear, cloudless sky, but then a series of white wispy clouds rapidly accumulated. The evolution of these random clouds resulted in a distinct shape, similar to a coiled Phaya Naga with observable eyes, hanging in line with the radiant mid-day sun. The celestial sight looked as if a crystal ball was about to float into the divine jaws of the Phaya Naga, a magical scene that persisted for about an hour before gradually fading away, reported Sanook.

This extraordinary spectacle sparked excitement among the participants. Several raised their hands above their heads, believing it to be a divine miracle of Phaya Naga, and began recording the scene on their mobile phones, widely sharing the mesmerising sight on social media.

The shiny sea-green statue of Phaya Naga Sri Sutho Ratracha and grey Phaya Atibadi Nakaphuchong Nakaratchao, each with five-coiled bodies, symbolised prosperity in wealth, and supreme power, respectively. These statues were set at the petrol station for bringing good fortune and serving as a place for patrons who had faith in Phaya Naga to worship. While filling up their tanks, if they wanted to pay their respects or pray for luck, they could pause and worship.

Apart from the participants marvelling and firmly believing in the supernatural power of Phaya Naga Sri Sutho Ratracha and Phaya Atibadi Nakaphuchong Nakaratchao, lottery enthusiasts and luck lovers didn’t falter in spotting the lucky numbers appearing in the Phaya Naga-shaped cloud.

The purported lucky number 836 is nearly correlated with the petrol station’s number 139, while the petrol station owner, Nathawat Pimpanit is 36 years old. These numbers instantly became a focal point for lottery enthusiasts who might risk their luck in the upcoming government lottery draw on July 16.

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