Mysterious Naga-like pattern appears on temple candle, reviving dead gecko

Image courtesy of Sanook

A mysterious event occurred at the Poo Srisuttho Shrine in Udon Thani Province when worshippers encountered unrecognisable markings on sacred candles and a seemingly dead gecko revived, causing awe and astonishment.

On June 10 at 11am, amid drizzling rain, devotees continued to visit and pay their respects to Poo Srisuttho at Wat Sri Daram in Nakhum Saeng District, Udon Thani Province. Believers joined hands to create an image of Poo Srisuttho that emerged from a pond, Kham Sida, stretching 131 metres long. Villagers flocked to appreciate the beauty and pray for good fortune and success in their jobs.

Additionally, first-time visitors from Nong Khai Province were captivated by the beauty of the image and went on to pray for blessings and fortune at the smaller Poo Srisuttho Shrine. However, they struggled for nearly 20 minutes to make out the numbers on the sacred candles. Instead of exact numbers, they found patterns resembling the scales of the mythical serpent, Phaya Naga.

Only after a while, some faintly discerned the numbers 78 and 87, while the third number remained unclear, possibly being a 4 or 0.

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Poo Srisuttho Shrine
Numbers 7 and 8 are visible on the candle, Image courtesy of Sanook

Following the candle ceremony, in a strange twist of events, a lifeless gecko lying on its back suddenly revived, leading to amazement among those gathered to pay their respects to Poo Srisuttho. This unexplained occurrence added even more intrigue to the shrine visit, leaving attendees in awe, reports Sanook.

Poo Srisuttho Shrine
A dead gecko, Image courtesy of Sanook

A month ago, an unusual event happened at a house in Tasi district, Pluak Daeng subdistrict, Rayong Province. In the incident, the owner of the house found out that his home was turned into a snake pit by a large number of snakes.

Pon, the owner, first saw a tail of a snake poking out of the air conditioner in the living room. After rescuers arrived and searched the house, they found 13 snakes while six others escaped.

During the search, the rescuers noted that there was a fallen Naga statue on the ground outside. The owner said that it is a sign of green snakes warning him to pick up the Naga statue at its original place. To read more click HERE.

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