Police intercept buses carrying nearly 100 illegal migrants

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Acting on an anonymous informant, police intercepted four tour buses, uncovering a smuggling operation of nearly 100 illegal migrants to enter the country. Two bewildered Thai passengers found themselves surrounded by non-Thai speakers.

Highway Police, under the command of Siriraj Sukanmala, yesterday, June 4, at 12.10am, received intelligence about illegal migrants travelling on Highway 101. Officers identified and stopped four targeted buses for inspection.

Due to limited manpower, three buses were intercepted immediately, while the fourth was stopped by the Uttaradit Highway Service.

The buses were long-distance passenger coaches travelling from Mae Sai and Chiang Rai to Bangkok. Coordinated efforts with immigration officers and local police in Phrae Province led to a thorough examination of the buses.

The first bus carried 41 passengers, including two Thai nationals. Among the 39 Myanmar nationals, only ten had proper documentation, while 29 lacked legal entry papers.

The second bus had 42 passengers, with 20 Myanmar nationals holding no documents. The third bus carried 39 passengers, with 22 Myanmar nationals undocumented. The fourth bus intercepted in Uttaradit carried 20 undocumented Myanmar nationals.

Bus drivers claimed that all passengers boarded directly from the stations, presenting tickets for verification without further scrutiny. They stated that most passengers boarded in Mae Sai and Chiang Rai, with no knowledge of the other buses’ details.

One of the two Thai passengers on the first bus shared their surprise, initially believing more Thai passengers were present. To their confusion, every other passenger on the bus was speaking Burmese, leading to realisation.

The bus company arranged alternative transportation for passengers with valid documents to continue their journey. Authorities screened and processed the illegal migrants in accordance with the law, reported Khaosod.

The Highway Police’s prompt action, based on credible intelligence, highlights the ongoing challenges of illegal migration and the importance of collaborative efforts of multiple law enforcement agencies.

The arrested migrants will undergo further legal proceedings to determine their status and appropriate actions. The authorities continue to monitor and act against illegal migration activities to protect national security and uphold the law.

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