The best mango dishes to try in Thailand

Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in Thai cuisine and they are used in many different ways. Among the most well-liked dishes is Mango Coconut Sticky Rice, and with good reason. You’re in for a treat, though, if you’re eager to explore new recipes that also feature those mouthwatering Thai mangoes! These foods are not only incredibly easy to prepare if you’re keen to learn how to cook, but if you’d rather not, you can find them readily in the many cafes and stores that are located all around Thailand.

For instance, whether you want a spark of citrus and sweetness in a filling meal or a light and smooth dessert, the mango dishes below will give you a taste of Thailand that you will not expect. If you are planning to visit Thailand in the future or are a local, these are must-try dishes in Thailand. Explore the huge world of dishes with mangoes, there are so many dishes that you must try during your time in Thailand beyond the famous Mango Coconut Sticky Rice!

Popular mango dishes

Thailand’s cuisine offers a variety of exciting dishes that celebrate the mango. Here are some popular dishes you must try!

Mango pudding

Are you in the mood for a simple dessert that melts in your mouth? A straightforward dish that is readily made at home or bought in many Thai supermarkets is mango pudding. You can also find it in your local 7-Eleven because you don’t have to travel far to have a delicious mango delight at a classy restaurant. There are just three ingredients in this dessert: agar agar, coconut milk, and fresh mango puree. These ingredients form a creamy and smooth dessert that simply dissolves with each bite. Certain types of mango pudding may consist of different variations which include a silky coconut milk glaze or a whipped cream topping. Other times, it is topped with fresh mango chunks and mint leaves, leaving you with a refreshing and sweet aftertaste.

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mango dishes
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Mango coconut noodles

Have you ever imagined trying fruit noodles? If so, it is very much possible in Thailand. Mango Coconut Noodles can be found in several speciality dessert shops and upscale Thai restaurants. Although they are not as common as other mango dishes, they have an interesting play of texture, creating an intriguing dish of delicate noodles with sweet flavours of mango and coconut. The flavour of this meal is occasionally enhanced by the addition of a hint of pandan or other aromatic seasonings. Before departing Thailand, make sure to try this dish if you love noodles!

mango dishes
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Mango bingsu

To quench the heat in Thailand, Mango Bingsu is an excellent dessert to enjoy with a few friends or family members! Mango Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice treat that has become more and more well-known in Thailand. It combines fluffy shaved ice with condensed milk and fresh mango chunks. Toppings like mango syrup, whipped cream, or red beans are common but not necessary as these are often very customisable. The large portions of this dessert make it perfect for sharing and allow for a perfect setting with loved ones.

mango dishes
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Mango smoothie

A refreshing mango smoothie is a must-have during mango season in Thailand. Made with ice, sugar, and ripe mangoes, it’s a simple but delectable treat. Yoghurt or coconut milk can be used as variations to add more creaminess. This smoothie is a nutritious and hydrating choice that is perfect for Thailand’s sweltering weather. Because of its smooth texture, the smoothie is a great on-the-go treat that lets you experience the natural sweetness and health benefits of mangoes without having to chew them.

mango dishes
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Mangoes are frequently used in Thai desserts, but you also have to try a few savoury recipes!

Thai green mango salad (Yam Ma Muang)

A flavourful dish, Yam Ma Muang, otherwise known as Thai green mango salad, balances all of the elements of sweet, salty, and savoury tastes into one dish. Usually, the dish is made up of various shredded ingredients such as carrots, peanuts, dried shrimp, chilli pepper, and the green mango itself. Furthermore, sauces such as fish sauce and lime juice are added to enhance the flavour as well as the salty and citrus-like taste. This dish is extensive in preparation but it is a famous and traditional Thai dish.

mango dishes
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Thai mango curry

While pineapples on pizza may be familiar to you, are you familiar with Thai Mango Curry? Thai Mango Curry adds another delicious flavour by leaving a little taste of spice in your mouth. It combines the fragrant Thai spices with the sweetness of juicy mangoes. Mango chunks, red curry paste, garlic, and lemongrass are combined with a creamy coconut milk base. This versatile and fulfilling dish, which is typically served with jasmine rice and topped with fresh basil leaves, frequently contains bell peppers, onions, and proteins like chicken or tofu.

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Although many of these dishes contain similar ingredients, the variety of textures and flavours produced will blow your mind!

When is mango in season?

The mango season in Thailand spans from February until the end of July since mangoes thrive in the heat. These months are the hottest and driest of the year, perfect for growing this tropical fruit. However, Thai mangoes are available year-round due to differing harvest times across various locations.

During the peak season, you’ll find mangoes at their ripest. The markets are brimming with varieties showcasing vibrant colours from green to red to yellow. Outside these months, late harvests ensure a steady supply, keeping mango dishes, like mango sticky rice, a menu staple.

Whether it’s enjoying mango fresh or in a delightful dish, knowing the seasonality of mangoes helps you savour the best flavours. February to July is prime time, but thanks to staggered harvesting, the question of “When is mango in season?” allows for a delicious answer almost any time of the year.

All of these mango dishes display Thailand’s favourite fruit in a variety of ways; however, you can also find some strange dishes that Thais enjoy that will embark your tastebuds on an adventure. Taste the best of Thailand!

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