Mysterious body found in Amnat Charoen pond sparks investigation

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A body was found floating in a pond in Mueang Amnat Charoen prompting an urgent investigation into the mysterious death. The deceased, identified as 64 year old Bunphieng Amlungphon, had been dead for approximately two to three days.

Police officer Khajorn Phengpit yesterday, July 2, received a report about the body found in a pond located near the Saensawat Pattana community. The pond, belonging to an employee of Amnat Charoen Hospital, is about 20 metres long, 10 metres wide, and 2 metres deep, situated around 500 metres from the village.

Initial examinations revealed no visible injuries on the body, suggesting the person had been dead for two to three days.

The rice field and pond owner, 49 year old Kowit, mentioned that he visits the field almost every day but had not noticed anything unusual. He usually feeds the fish in another pond at the back of the field, while the pond where the body was found is adjacent to the community road.

Kowit explained that while he was talking to some locals nearby, a resident riding a motorcycle with his child noticed something floating in the pond. The rider asked Kowit if it was a human body. Upon closer inspection, Kowit realised it was indeed a body and quickly alerted the police.

The police’s investigative team identified the deceased as Bunphieng Amlungphon. The deceased’s daughter, Ratchanee, confirmed the identity of her father, stating that he lived in a different house and had not been seen for two to three days. It is believed that Bunphieng may have gone to the pond to catch fish, as his clothes were found near the scene.

The initial assumption by the police speculates that Bunphieng went to the pond to catch fish, given the presence of his clothes nearby. The investigation continues to determine the exact circumstances surrounding his death, though no foul play is suspected at this time, reported KhaoSod.

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