Pattaya mandates better lighting after delivery rider falls into unlit pit

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A food delivery rider’s fall into an unlit excavation pit prompted immediate action in Pattaya. Banglamung District Chief Weekit Manarojkit visited the accident site today and mandated increased lighting to ensure such incidents do not happen again.

The incident involved Nattanicha Owat, a 28 year old food delivery rider, who sustained injuries after her motorcycle fell into the pit on her way home during a rainy night. Weekit confirmed that Nattanicha’s injuries were not severe and that she has received compensation for her medical expenses from the project contractor.

The road where the accident occurred is part of a construction project aimed at expanding the water supply network in the Nongprue area. This project is funded by the Chon Buri Provincial Administrative Organisation with a budget of 79.299 million baht and is projected to be completed by August 11. During the excavation, power lines were accidentally damaged, leading to power outages and poor visibility in the area.

Weekit instructed the contractor to install additional lighting or reflective stickers around the excavation site to enhance visibility and prevent further accidents.

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The Pattaya Regional Electricity Authority is currently repairing the damaged power lines to restore normal power supply and improve visibility.

Residents reported that three similar accidents have occurred in this area since the construction began, reported Pattaya News.

In related news, a tragic bus accident in Samut Prakan province resulted in three fatalities and 22 injuries when a bus carrying employees plunged into a canal. A former village headman residing near the accident spot spoke about the frequent accidents on this poorly lit construction road, which has been under development for over two years. He called for the project owner and contractors to expedite the construction and improve lighting to prevent further tragedies.

In other news, a delivery truck driver tragically lost his life after his vehicle skidded on a slippery road and crashed into a high-voltage pole.

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