Thai police arrest man for fatal shooting on Chao Phraya River

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Thai police apprehended a man responsible for the fatal shooting of a fisherman on the Chao Phraya River. The suspect confessed to holding a grudge for several years and expressed no remorse towards the victim’s family, stating he felt satisfaction from the act.

The Pathum Thani Provincial police chief yesterday, July 2, ordered an investigation into the fatal shooting of a fisherman, 53 year old Manoch Sukkasem, in the middle of the Chao Phraya River in Bang Duay, Pathum Thani. The investigators, led by Deputy Police Chief Sedthaphong Songklod and Police Lieutenant Songkarn Somchit, managed to track down the suspect at his residence.

The suspect, 64 year old Somkid Oumyai, was found resting in his home in Chiang Rak Yai, Sam Khok, Pathum Thani. Alongside him, officers discovered a .38 calibre firearm. During the interrogation, Somkid admitted to the crime, revealing he had harboured resentment against the victim for over two to three years.

Both men were engaged in the same profession of fishing and shrimping along the Chao Phraya River. Somkid accused Manoch of unfair practices, such as using nets and long lines, which he believed gave Manoch an advantage over other fishermen. Additionally, Manoch would often fish in the same areas as Somkid, furthering his frustration.

“I had been holding a grudge against him for a long time, especially because he always seemed to fish in the same spots as me.”

On the fateful day, Somkid spotted Manoch sailing past while he was shrimping. Determined to confront him, he rowed his boat in pursuit. Somkid eventually found Manoch fishing near a riverside restaurant.

“I saw him fishing near the restaurant and decided to confront him.”

Somkid approached Manoch’s boat and allegedly fired three shots at him before rowing back home. The police tracked him and arrested him shortly after, reported KhaoSod.

The police coordinated with the forensic science institute under the Ministry of Justice to test for gunshot residue on Somkid’s hands. He has been charged with premeditated murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

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