Lightning tragedy: Son’s search for mother ends in a tragic bolt from the blue

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In a heartbreaking incident in Khon Kaen, a son seeking his absent mother discovered her lifeless body alongside a friend in a neighbouring hut near their cattle pen after they were struck by lightning. To add poignancy to the tale, a dog was found by the bodies faithfully guarding them.

The shocking event occurred in the vicinity of a Banyan tree over 20 metres tall, a location known for previous lightning strikes. The deceased was 66 year old Malivan and 62 year old Arun, their bodies were discovered yesterday.

According to Arun’s son, Arnan Malaonad, he had noticed heavy rain and heard thunder and lightning at about 3pm but thought nothing more of it at the time. It was not until around 7pm that he started to worry as his mother hadn’t returned home. He then set out to find her at the cattle pen at the edge of the village, where she would regularly take the cows for watering in the evening.

Upon arriving at the cow pen, Aran was shocked to see the cattle still outside, refusing to enter the pen. He proceeded to lead them inside, noticing his mother’s sidecar scooter parked nearby. Looking into the nearby hut, he saw a person’s legs and upon investigating further, found his lifeless mother, reported KhaoSod.

Shaken, he regained his composure before moving closer to touch his mother’s body. Subsequently, he rushed back to the village for help and, when he returned, he found other villagers had also arrived at the fatal scene.

It’s quite common knowledge among locals in the community that the 20 metres’ tall banyan tree has been struck by lightning before. This tragic event not only claimed the lives of two villagers but also served as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by frequent storms in the region.

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