Harrowing traffic accident in Kamphaeng Phet sees 4-vehicle collision (video)

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The roads of Kamphaeng Phet became a scene of chaos following a shocking accident that involved a red Isuzu pickup truck, an Isuzu D-Max pickup truck, and two motorbikes. The police and volunteers headed to the site, Ta Makuea, for immediate investigation and rescue.

Eyewitness reports detail a disastrous traffic incident across Lan 1084 Te Makuea – Kamphaeng Phet. A red Isuzu pickup truck, driven by a 64 year old man named Sompong, lost control while trying to avoid responding to a motorbike cutting across the lane. The sudden reaction triggered a multi-vehicle collision involving another Isuzu D-Max pickup truck driven by 40 year old Pichet, and a motorbike ridden by 79 year old Duang, scattering debris across the roadway.

Additionally, a Honda Sonic motorbike, driven by Sahas, a 34 year old local, was also caught in the calamity. He suffered injuries to his right elbow and knee. Two people were critically injured in the incident: Duang, whose leg was severely twisted, and Sompong’s wife, who sustained a serious head injury. The timely intervention of the rescue services led to their immediate transportation to the nearby Khlong Khlung Hospital, reported KhaoSod.

Meanwhile, Sompong and Pichet escaped with minimal injuries. Pichet’s D-Max pickup truck sustained damage to its right side, while Sompong’s vehicle was split into two sections from the impact of the collision.

In their initial assessment, police collected evidence from the scene whilst also planning to scrutinise footage from CCTV cameras in an attempt to compose a detailed picture of events leading up to the accident, hoping to clarify its causes. Cleanup operations were swiftly carried out to ensure normal traffic flow and prevent further disruption.

Last week, a shocking lorry collision resulting in a fatality occurred on the Asia Highway, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province, when a pickup driver lost control of his steering wheel due to a sudden jolt. The impact was captured on the lorry’s dash-cam. To read more click HERE.

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