Police officer murders wife at house in central Thailand

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A Thai police officer murdered his police officer wife at their home in the central province of Chantaburi.

Mueang Chantaburi Police Station officers investigated the incident house in the Bang Kaja sub-district, Mueang district, Chantaburi province, and discovered the lifeless body of a female police officer from the Rayong Provincial Immigration Bureau, 51 year old Ampaiwan Kongkrajang.

Ampaiwan’s body was found near the front entrance of their house, bathed in a pool of blood, as she had tragically suffered fatal gunshot wounds to her forehead and left eyebrow.

Her husband, 53 year old Police Sub-Lieutenant Wuttichai Thongmak, who serves as a police officer at the Mueang Chantaburi Police Station, allegedly admitted to shooting Ampaiwan with a 9mm pistol during a heated family dispute.

Although Wuttichai refrained from divulging specific details about their conflict, he disclosed that he and Ampaiwan had been living together since 2007. They did not sign a formal marriage certification or have a wedding ceremony, and they did not have any children together. Wuttichai attributed the murder to his impulsive outburst of anger.

Expressing remorse for his actions, Wuttichai promptly informed the village headman, who subsequently reported the incident to the police. He acknowledged his willingness to face the consequences of his dreadful deed.

The village headman, Phuwisit, revealed that the couple frequently engaged in intense arguments, often escalating to the point where they recklessly fired gunshots into the sky, instilling fear among their neighbours. Despite Phuwisit’s repeated efforts to intervene and admonish them, his pleas fell on deaf ears, ultimately culminating in this tragic murder.

At present, the police have not filed an official complaint against Wuttichai, opting to gather evidence and interview witnesses before levying charges.

According to Wuttichai’s actions, he could potentially face charges of intentional murder, which carry penalties ranging from the death penalty to imprisonment for 15 to 20 years under Section 288 of the Criminal Law.

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