Friday Covid Update: 3,759 new cases and 34 deaths, provincial totals

Chiang Mai prison / Photo via Department of Corrections ประชาสัมพันธ์ กรมราชทัณฑ์

3,759 new Covid-19 infections and 34 coronavirus-related deaths were reported today by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration. Since April 1, the CCSA has reported a total of 116,113 Covid-19 cases. There are now 46,150 active cases in Thailand.

Out of the new cases, 1,294 infections were found in Thai prisons. Over the past month, 14 correctional facilities have reported a total of more than 20,000 Covid-19 cases. So far, 6 inmates who contracted Covid-19 have died.

Bangkok remains the epicentre of infections with 973 new cases reported today. Many clusters reported in crowded places such as slum neighbourhoods and settlements, construction camps and markets. Health officials are rolling out active testing in high risk areas to detect and contain the virus.

“Infections are stable, but increasing,” according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Natapanu Nopakun, who gives the CCSA report in English. He says 59 out of the 77 provinces in Thailand have reported zero to 10 Covid-19 cases.

Since the start of the pandemic, the CCSA has reported a total of 144,976 Covid-19 cases and 954 coronavirus-related deaths.

Province New Covid-19 cases
Bangkok 973
Chai Nat 2
Nakhon Nayok 1
Nakhon Pathom 36
Nakhon Sawon 1
Nonthaburi 102
Pathum Thani 39
Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya 32
Phetchabun 1
Lop Buri 2
Samu Prakan 221
Samut Songkram 4
Samut Sakhon 55
Saraburi 21
Sukhothai 3
Suphon Buri 6
Ang Thong 2
Chiang Rai 3
Chiang Mai 5
Lampang 1
Khon Kaen 3
Nakhon Ratchasima 11
Buri Ram 4
Si Sa Ket 6
Surin 1
Nong Bua Lamphu 1
Udon Thani 6
Ubon Ratchathani 1
Chantaburi 17
Chachoengsao 16
Chon Buri 42
Rayong 1
Kanchanaburi 2
Tak 6
Prachuab Kiri Khan 24
Petchaburi 658
Ratchaburi 6
Krabi 6
Trang 10
Nakhon Si Thammarat 12
Narathiwat 25
Pattani 7
Phatthalung 1
Phuket 2
Yala 4
Ranong 9
Songkhla 39
Surat Thani 17

Friday Covid Update: 3,759 new cases and 34 deaths, provincial totals | News by Thaiger

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Tanutam Thawan

Local Thai journalist speaking fluent Thai and English. Tanutam studied in Khon Kaen before attending Bangkok’s Chulalongkhorn University.


  1. The latest figures look very worrisome to me, and seem to be increasing out of control. We have been in this situation ourselves in the UK some months ago and they only became controlled when the vaccines were rolled out, I can see a very bad situation developing if this is delayed for whatever reason. Currently the new infections are around 1/3rd higher in Thailand, but the deaths are over 4 times greater than the UK, time to take action!! it won’t get better on its own.

  2. 3759 new known cases. I would suspect the real number is 10x that per known per day. It’s the course this needs to take in order to get through it. Vaccinate to keep deaths down. It’s going to run just like it has everywhere.

  3. Sorry but when the tambons in a particular province PUBLICLY announce multiple cases yet the Province announces 1 case, then I cannot trust these figures. Someone is lying.

  4. @Rasputin. The vaccines are certainly playing their ever increasing role in the U.K. however, the thing that stopped the second wave and turned the corner was lockdown. Some people say lockdowns don’t work. That’s clearly untrue. They have worked at least twice in the U.K. worked in New Zealand, Australia, China etc etc. It’s what Thailand needs to do now. Full lockdown for 4 weeks and then take stock. They need to. It time for the vaccines to arrive and start to work. For Thailand plan, that won’t happen until around September or October. A months lockdown would buy them time.

  5. @Nigel – yep NZ has been in lockdown for 18 months completely sealed off from the world, Australia likewise and plans to reopen Q3 2022……like Taiwan they have no land borders, and small wealthy populations so they can afford to isolate themselves – Thailand was doing great until the porous land borders let this back in, a lockdown will only move the problem back unless they can seal the borders properly ( probably impossible) and get everyone vaccinated in 3 months otherwise lockdown could go on until end of the year – those who feel at risk can protect themselves very easily, 90% of population are not at risk anymore than from Dengue or crossing the road…..destroying what’s left of a very fragile economy benefits nobody least of all those of us who have made this our home.

  6. The idea that vaccines help is not proven – almost every country with high vaccination rate has seen a spike increase in cases afterwards. The vaccines have only been tested by their makers for relatively minor symptoms of Covid. It also looks like they are playing the statistical slight of hand that they did with the Polio vaccine, in this case altering the PCR tests cycles downwards AFTER vaccination has become widespread in a country.

  7. yep …. we ll see next year to go holidays now. restriction won t be lifted anywhere in world as long as this virus is not under full control. let s give time to the vaccin and herd immunity to take place. question is how thailand is going to adapt to this?

  8. @Nigel – what a crock of shit. what kind of world do u live in? we are a developing 3rd world country. lockdown here will not work and will never happen and will not help. pull your head in you absolute moron

  9. @Stu, thank you for you kind and considerate comments! Thailand wouldn’t be happy to hear you call them 3rd world and that’s because they are not 3rd world. Lockdown will not only work in Thailand, it had done so already starting back in March last year and lasting several weeks. The lockdown of the borders is also still in effect which is helping. But as others have said, it’s the porous land borders that caused the latest problems. My suggestion to go back to what was in place last March or April is the right thing to do. Turn the new wave flat and buy some time to start the vaccine roll out. I’d ask what your alternatives are but I’ll assume they are along the lines of “let it rip” and kill thousands because you want to be able to go for a beer?

  10. Sorry @Stu, I forgot to answer your question of what kind of world do I live in. Well, I love in the same one as you. The one where 165 million people have contracted Covid and 3.5 million have died of it. I also lived in Thailand until July last year before returning to the U.K. A country that had been in lockdown and brought numbers down. Then took their eye off the ball and opened up killing tens of thousands more. It then went back down in to lockdown and bright those deaths down and introduced vaccination. Now it has around 3,000 cases a day (even while testing hundreds of thousands each day and a death rate of around 7 a day. Lockdowns work to save lives but it destroys the hospitality and tourism industry. You decide which is best, but there the choice.

  11. @John_2 – UK and US have made serious inroads with infections and more importantly deaths down to numbers no bigger than seasonal flu…..vaccinations are a game changer for now at least – what will next year look like, who knows but short of complete isolation and stopping all human activity ( it’s called lockdown) for at least 6 months worldwide – vaccination it is…….I don’t like them having never had a flu jab, had yellow fever and cholera which were mandatory in Africa……like to think my immune system can cope – for many out there though due to age or poor lifestyle decisions their immune systems can’t cope so they need immunizing.

  12. I agree with Nigel, the blockades have worked in European countries where we have reached 30000-50000 cases per day, now the vaccination campaigns that have covered almost all the weakest subjects, in my country more than half the population has received the first dose and 1/5 has completed the cycle, everything is reopening and an almost normal summer is expected, by September we will probably have reached the necessary threshold of the complete cycle, the numbers of infections, hospitalized and deaths are collapsing.
    What Jhon_2 says is blatantly false, the Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca vaccines really work, the Chinese vaccines don’t work so China is closed and it will be for a long time to come.
    I understand that it is more difficult for Thailand to make a new lockdown but if they want to relaunch tourism they must break down the numbers of the infection and reopen to the vaccinated without any limitation, perhaps they will succeed in mid 2022.

  13. I agree nigel and for stu

    Calling a country third world you can work in the government, I never like people call Asia third world countries

    Seems the same to me as you call a darker person the N word

    Plain dumb talking what is the UK first world ?? What a joke

  14. @Rasputin What sort of action do you propose then, mandatory vaccinations? If so, you should look for a video called, “100% of the patients on the Covid floor have been fully vaccinated” Within the last 2 months in a hospital somewhere in the States every single person in hospital for Covid have had both their shots.

  15. Yes @Stu. So we agree lockdowns work in bringing down the numbers then? Of course they will rise again once you release lockdown unless you have used the time well to vaccinate people. A lockdown of 4 weeks would perhaps bring the numbers down and buy Thailand some time. But as soon as the lockdown ends numbers will of course rise. They are a control and containment policy. They are not a cure. Fu*Ka Sake, it’s like talking to 5 year olds some times!

  16. I forgot to add @Stu. Some further bad news for you. Not are only lockdowns not a cure for Covid, vaccines are also not a cure. The world will need to live with background number, seasonal increases and localised hotspots. It could take 25-50 years to irradiate Covid by vaccination. However, for most of us it will become a background issue just as nasty diseases like Dengue, Ebola, Diptheria etc. That will become the challenge for leaders in the months and years to come. Having scared the crap out of most people for 18 months, how do you get the population to start living normal lives?

  17. @Nigel –

    Yes, it has to be a combination of lock down and the vaccine role out, but Thailand is not doing either.

    In the UK it was a total lock down for months, most shops were closed, as were restaurants and pubs etc, plus many people are still working from home.

    Thailand still have bars, restaurants, shops open, they are not testing that many people so the actual number of virus cases must be well over the numbers they publish.

    I know farangs in Chiang Mai who go to pubs, restaurants, drink whatever they like and do not even bother wearing masks so the cases will just get worse.

    Very few vaccines, no real control of crowds will means the situation will get worse.

  18. When the heck is the Thaiger going to sort out their comments app on these pages? It’s ridiculous! There’s no Like button, just a Reply button that doesn’t work and no email notification – 3 things that make a comments section. What’s the difficulty?

  19. Agreed @Silbers. Been asking for alike and dislike button. An option to edit your comments after sending also helpful. And the iPhone App is hopeless. Two lines is all you can see and hitting the return hits the send rather then inserting a break. No answer and no comment from Thaiger

    1. We are moving the Comments section over to the new Thaiger Talk forum shortly. We are hamstrung by the WordPress theme we use for this comments section. So the new forum will give you plenty of new options and hopefully improve your experience.

  20. Personally, I don’t believe any Government has solved the problem of what living with Covid-19 in our lives will really look like. It is probably a reason you see so many diverse opinions and comments. I will same I am biased against Governments in general as I find Politicians, in general, lack a level of common sense and fail to do their prime job. That of helping the population at large and not just themselves and “friends”.

    For full disclosure, I am in the highest risk group (due to pre-existing conditions and yes my younger party life has caused that!). Catching Covid-19 scares the hell out of me. So I will get vaccinated if my Cardiologist agrees that it is best, considering the medication cocktail I already take. (Sorry, no Scotch in the cocktail).

    Scientists and Governments don’t know me as an individual as well as I do or my Doctor does. If they chose to make something a law, then I will obey it as I am a guest in their country.

    However, I am an adult individual and make my own decisions and accept responsibility for them. I will listen to all opinions and decide myself. Just a caution….unless it is a law, don’t bother saying your opinion is a “must do” regardless which side of the fence you sit on. I’ll choose to ignore it! 🙂

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