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    Meeting today could decide whether to end Emergency Decree

    A meeting today could decide whether to end Thailand’s long-standing Emergency Decree. The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration is meeting today in which the Covid-19 operations centre is expected to propose the revocation of the decree from October 1. Secretary-general of the National Security Council and head of the operations centre said yesterday that members have agreed that there has…

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    Spokesman warns end of CCSA, Decree not guaranteed

    Mark Twain is often (mis)quoted as saying, “Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” And the same, it seems, may be said of the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) as a government spokesperson said yesterday that, despite an announcement Friday, the lifting of the Emergency Decree and dissolution of the CCSA will be closely evaluated and is not…

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    CCSA to dissolve with end of Emergency Decree October 1

    After over two and a half years, it’s finally time to say goodbye to our old friend, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration. PM Prayut Chan-o-cha announced that the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations which has been in effect since March 24, 2020, and created the CCSA to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, will not be extended…

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    CCSA spokesperson says 30,000 Covid infections per day

    The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration spokesperson is warning that Covid-19 infections are growing, with an increase seen in 44 of Thailand’s 77 provinces, including Bangkok. He said that between August 7 and August 13, daily Covid infections had averaged 31,148 cases per day, despite the Department of Disease Control reporting official numbers of about 1,900 infections today and 2,100…

  • Tourism News

    Thailand’s CCSA talk tourist stats, visas on arrival & home isolation

    Thailand’s Centre for Covid-19 Administration Situation (CCSA) met with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today, August 19, to talk about coronavirus-related topics and foreign arrivals. The CCSA said Thailand is transiting into the “post-pandemic stage.” The CCSA said Thailand’s Covid situation is improving and its classification is changing from a “serious communicable disease” to a “communicable disease under surveillance.” Home Isolation…

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    Emergency Decree extended by cabinet until end of September

    The Thai cabinet met yesterday to officially extend the State of Emergency in Thailand, announced earlier this month, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This will be the 19th extension it will prolong the Emergency Decree that was set to expire on July 31, going into effect on August 1 and continuing until September 30. The decree, which was first invoked by…

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    Officials say Thailand’s Covid-19 cases to peak in September

    Thai officials announced Friday that the number of Covid-19 cases in the country is expected to start rising next week. The CCSA said that in September, the number is expected to hit a peak. The CCSA added, however, that if people follow the Public Health Ministry’s suggestions to avoid crowded spaces and public gatherings, daily infections will start dropping from…

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    Emergency Decree extended, but vows not to infringe on freedoms

    The Emergency Decree, declared throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, has officially been extended for another 2 months. The decree which declares that Thailand is in an official state of emergency was set to expire on July 31, but this extension covers from August 1 to September 30. This is the 19th time the Emergency Decree has been extended. Prolonging the decree…

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    To wear or not to wear a face mask (in Thailand) – that is the question – OPINION

    The Thai PM, chairing today’s CCSA meeting, has asked people in Thailand to keep wearing their masks. The words were carefully crafted. “…although there are no legal obligations for people to wear face masks, people are still very strongly advised to do so, especially when it is deemed necessary.” In other words, you don’t HAVE to. So nothing has changed…

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    BREAKING: CCSA address face masks, emergency decree, and foreign arrivals

    Today, Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha met with the Covid-19 Situation Administration – the CCSA – to discuss Covid rules and restrictions in Thailand. Namely, the use of face masks, the extension of Thailand’s emergency decree, and foreign arrival figures. The CCSA started by saying that cases of Covid subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 are on the rise in Thailand. Face…

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    CCSA to discuss re-introduction of mask-wearing in public areas today

    Thai PM Prayut Chan-O-Cha is meeting with the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration today at Government House. The prime minister is also the Chairperson for Thailand’s Covid taskforce that has overseen ongoing policy since April 2020 when the country enacted the emergency decree. The emergency decree remains in force. Today’s CCSA meeting is held as Thailand copes with a levelling-off…

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    Covid hospitalisations rising in Thailand but CCSA says “no new preventative measures”

    Last week the Thai public health department declared that Thailand would move into a “post pandemic phase” from July 1. But a leading heart disease specialist, Dr Manoon Leechawengwongs, at the Vichaiyut Hospital in Phayathai is calling on the Public Health department to postpone the declaration, saying that the current rise in cases proves that Thailand “is not ready”. Last…

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    Thailand drops outdoor face mask requirement

    Today, Thailand’s Covid-19 taskforce announced that face masks will no longer be required in airy, outdoor spaces in Thailand. The change is expected to come into effect on July 1. The CCSA also announced some other important changes today, such as the cancellation of the Thailand Pass. Dr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin said the public should decide for themselves when wearing a…

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    BREAKING: CCSA cancels Thailand Pass & changes entertainment venue restrictions

    The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration – or CCSA – announced major changes to Thailand’s Covid-19 restrictions this afternoon, including the cancellation of the Thailand Pass. The CCSA met with Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and the Ministry of Public Health today to make decisions about the Thailand Pass, “zones,” closing times of entertainment venues, face masks and temperature checks. …

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    Thailand Pass, Bars, Masks: The Thaiger’s predictions for tomorrow’s CCSA meeting

    Tomorrow, Thailand’s Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, or CCSA, will meet to discuss the fate of Thailand Pass, “zones,” closing times of entertainment venues, mask-wearing and temperature checks. Keep a close eye on the Thaiger tomorrow to see if our predictions are correct… Thailand Pass Currently, non-Thai travellers entering Thailand are required to obtain a Thailand Pass QR code prior…

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    How Thailand plans to transition into the endemic phase

    Thailand will begin to “relax” Covid-19 restrictions in the coming weeks as the country shifts into the “endemic phase.” “U2” and “3Por” measures will be implemented to ensure public health and safety during the transition, according to Thailand’s Covid-19 Situation Administration, or CCSA. The next CCSA meeting will be held on Friday, June 17. The Ministry of Public Health will…

  • Business News

    Thai nightlife midnight closing time under pressure this week

    The current ‘official’ closing time for nightlife venues, in 31 provinces around Thailand (yellow and blue zones), is midnight. That all kicked in at the start of this month. But, hey, it’s Thailand and there’s also been plenty of venues, particularly in the tourist zones, where the midnight close time has been stretched a bit. But some netizens have noticed…

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    Nightlife closing times, revised mask requirements and more land border re-openings

    Thailand’s Covid taskforce are meeting this week to consider three proposals made from around various Ministries and industry stakeholders. It’s going to be a pivotal week for the CCSA. Announcements are expected by this Friday. One of them is to remove the requirement to wear face masks in public, although it is widely considered that, even if this concession is…

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    Thailand Pass could be dropped on July 1

    ‘Thailand Pass’ could be scrapped completely on July 1, according to Thailand’s tourism minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakan. The fate of Thailand Pass will be decided at the next meeting of the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, or CCSA, next Friday on June 17. Thailand Pass was already dropped for Thai nationals on June 1, but foreigners flying into the kingdom are…

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    Thailand News Today | CCSA confirms possible easing of mask mandate

    The CCSA has acknowledged that face masks in Bangkok may soon be dropped. Although no date has been announced yet, the CCSA says the easing of mask-wearing in some public locations is on the table, as well as allowing night venues to stay open until 2 am. Nightlife venues were allowed to “officially” open until midnight starting June 1, although…

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    Is it too late for Thailand’s Nightlife? | GMT

    Is it too late for Thailand’s Night life? Nightlife venues have been warned to stay safe and follow precautions. Thai PM urges people to only travel for essential Photo contest thaiger member winners and smuggling durians. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand

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    Lifting of the mask mandate in Thailand next month? | GMT

    Face mask-wearing mandate to be lifted ‘only in certain areas’, Disability rights activist jailed for shaming a motorist parked in a disabled bay, Govt ups monkeypox alert level, Cafe serves drinks in “penis” bags in southern Thailand, and Thailand raises monkeypox alert level to “requiring close surveillance”. All this and more on today’s Good Morning Thailand.

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    Goodbye masks & Monkeypox reality check | GMT

    Tim goes solo this morning with Jay and Natty on assignment. Monkey Pox is in the news, a lot of it unnecessary headlines. We want your thoughts on the matter as we go through a few Monkeypox facts. Masks in Thailand may be on the way out after the public health department even put a date on a possible reversal…

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    Bars and Nightlife to “Officially” Re-open in Thailand | GMT

    Thailand’s CCSA meeting agreed to officially reopen the entertainment venues in the Green and Blue provinces. TAT targeting 50% occupancy rate for hotels. Thailand introduces strict screening for arrivals from countries with monkeypox. Thai Airways to auction off Boeing 737-400 Airframe via Facebook Live. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand  

  • Visa Information

    Deadline to apply for “Covid” visa extension extended by 2 months

    The deadline to apply for a 60-day “Covid” visa extension in Thailand has been extended by two months, until July 25. The extension follows the Thai government’s decision to extend the country’s “State of Emergency” until July 31. A “Covid” visa extension is designed for foreigners residing in Thailand who are unable to return to their home country due to…

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    Is now the best time to invest in Thailand due to the weak Baht | GMT

      Is now the best time to invest in Thailand? what are the pros and cons of a weaker Baht? Asia’s largest water park, Bangkok governor election winner and Do Thai teachers and institutions abuse their power? All this and more on today’s Good Morning Thailand.

  • Thailand Travel

    As Thailand’s bars plan to reopen ‘officially’ in some areas, vendors want to extend hours

    After Thailand’s CCSA announced yesterday that nightlife venues in both “green” and “blue” zones will reopen ‘officially’ from June 1, nightlife operators are calling to move the current midnight closing time to at least 2 or 4am. The 31 provinces defined as green and blue zones include busy tourist hubs such as Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Chon Buri. The…

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    Thailand News Today | Thailand to target “wealthy foreign tourists”

      Thailand’s deputy health minister is hoping to see an end to Covid-19 by the end of this year, despite the risk of new variants. Satit Pitutecha made his prediction yesterday, saying Thailand is proceeding with its plan to declare the virus endemic. The World Health Organisation has yet to make any recommendation on according the virus endemic status. Satit…

  • Video

    CCSA meeting today to officially reopen bars? | GMT

    The ministry’s proposal to the CCSA involves the revised zoning of Covid-19 hit provinces. Thailand targets UK, India, Germany for Tourism. Thai AirAsia X bankrupt and Russel Crowe takes part in the Bangkok Governor elections. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

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    Proposal for new “green zone” provinces goes before CCSA today

    Thailand’s Public Health Ministry has submitted a proposal to classify some provinces as “green zones”. The proposal will be considered by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration when it meets today. Kiattiphum Wongrajit from the health ministry says the proposal involves adjusting the Covid-19 colour-coded zoning, which currently has provinces listed as yellow (high surveillance) or blue “tourism” zones. The…

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    Thailand News Today | Nok Air’s latest investment failure is costing the airline millions

      Thailand’s Covid situation is continually improving and is expected to be declared an endemic disease more than half a month earlier than expected. According to the Ministry of Public Health, his office originally planned to declare Covid an an endemic disease on July 1 this year. Yesterday, the ministry’s Permanent Secretary Kiatiphum Wongrajit announced that Thailand now plans to…

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    “Don’t drink and vote” Alcohol ban this weekend | GMT

    Following Thailand’s alcohol ban for the Buddhist holiday of Visakha Bucha Day, Pattaya and Bangkok dwellers can prepare for yet another alcohol ban coming just a week later! A popular Facebook page has posted a video and photos this week of black, dirty water flowing into Phuket Kamala Beach on the island’s west coast. Thailand’s public prosecution committee unanimously agreed…

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    Thailand News Today | Crashed China eastern flight possible “intentional nosedive”

    Black box data on crashed China Eastern 737 suggests possible “intentional nosedive” Investigators are now examining further if the crash of China Eastern Airlines 737-800 on March 21 was indeed due to “intentional action on the flight deck”. The early reports say that there is, so far, no evidence of a technical malfunction. The Wall Street Journal reported this week…

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    Thailand to welcome one millionth tourist & Russell Crowe Returns | GMT

    Thailand expects its one millionth foreign tourist this year to arrive by the end of May. Russell Crowe and six other celebrities will ask questions to seven Bangkok governor candidates live on TV. Schools back for summer as students ride elephants to school. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand

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    Thailand News Today | Tourism surge on Phuket and Koh Samui

      The country is still under an emergency decree which will last at least until the end of this month, and could be extended again for another 2 months, as it has since April 2020. The emergency decree bypasses all Covid-related matters and budget from the Thai parliament, with the CCSA, chaired by the prime minister, meeting every 2 weeks…

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    Thailand News Today | Thai parents fear vaccine side effects on children

    A German woman who had been missing for 7 days, has now been found. 75 year old tourist Barbara Elisabeth Monika Glag Lange was found safe in the สิรินาถ National Park along the northern west coast of Phuket. Last week it was reported that the lady had headed off for a morning walk from her hotel in Mai Khao. From…

  • Video

    Welcome to Thailand’s Endemic Sandbox | GMT

    The Bikini Beach Race to take place in Pattaya this October. An endemic Sandbox has been proposed where nightspots and entertainment would re-open. Thailand is open for business as per the PM. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.