Chinese student couple caught on camera during intimate classroom moment

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A Chinese student couple’s intimate act inside a classroom was recorded by security cameras, leading to other students watching the incident in real time. The couple did not realise their actions were being recorded and viewed by others.

According to the ETtoday website, the young lovers in China were not aware that their entire interaction was captured by the building’s closed-circuit camera system, while other male students followed the event in real time. It wasn’t until the boy in the room saw the camera that he hurriedly whispered to the girl to hide under the table and quickly turned the camera away. However, it was too late.

The report states that the incident occurred on May 30, in the Yong Vocational College in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China, at around 3.49pm. The pair were seen engaging in intimate activity in a vacant classroom.

As the boy was in the process of undressing the girl, who was lying naked on a classroom table, he noticed the security camera pointing in their direction. He was uncertain if anyone was watching them.

Meanwhile, at least three male students were, in fact, watching and commenting on the couple’s actions with amusement. After the boy whispered to the girl to hide under the table, he put his trousers on, walked to the camera, and changed its angle.

The students following the scene commented, “The teacher saw the camera” and “He’s moving the camera in another direction” before they all laughed together. The situation subsequently ended, reported Sanook.

Having sex in public is a common hot topic in Thailand as well. A couple of factory workers were caught having sex at work in Rayong, East Thailand. They were making love in the middle of a warehouse while a female colleague was recording their whole scene from start to end! Later, she uploaded it on social media and the video soon went viral. For more information, click the LINK to read more.

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