Secret DNA test reveals wife’s affair with husband’s close relative

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A surprising DNA test revelation left a Chinese man seeking legal justice after discovering his daughter was not biologically his, but shared a blood connection. This led to a court case exploring infidelity and damages.

Recently, a civil dispute over divorce proceedings emerged at the Qiaoxi District People’s Court in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, China. The case contained shocking details, capturing public interest. Sohu News reports that in 2003, Zhang and Jing began living together after falling in love, later marrying and registering their marriage. The couple lived in a small town, running a shop and enjoying a decent standard of living.

By 2009, Jing gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, bringing joy and excitement to Zhang and their family. To provide a better education for their daughter, Zhang moved the family closer to the school. However, a few years later, Zhang overheard someone remark at a drinking party, “Your daughter doesn’t look like you.” After observing his daughter, Zhang noticed several differences between them.

Seeking closure, Zhang quietly took his daughter for a DNA test. To his shock, the test revealed that he and his daughter were not related as father and child, but shared a close blood connection. Confused, Zhang confronted his wife, who initially feigned ignorance. Eventually, she confessed to having an affair with Zhang’s nephew, who had lived with them during his high school years. The daughter was a result of this affair, explaining the genetic link between her and Zhang.

Unable to accept the truth, Zhang filed for divorce and also sued his ex-wife in court for compensation for the emotional damage he had suffered. After reviewing the case, the Qiaoxi District People’s Court found that Jing’s infidelity caused significant emotional harm to Zhang, and thus, his compensation claim was legally justified.

The judge ruled that Jing must pay Zhang 30,000 yuan (approximately 146,000 baht) for emotional damages. Additional damages of 120,000 yuan were awarded to Zhang to account for the cost of raising their daughter for several years, reported Sanook.

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