Anwar Ibrahim urges leaders to read more, foster critical thinking in students

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim emphasised the importance of being well-read and knowledgeable for leaders to effectively help the people. He addressed the recent “Kedah belongs to Penang” controversy, stating that such misunderstandings could be avoided through further reading and understanding. Anwar urged leaders to use their knowledge to benefit the public, rather than engaging in political games.

During a ‘Temu Anwar’ session with students at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Anwar also stressed the need for students to develop critical thinking skills. He called for an open atmosphere in universities, allowing students to express their opinions and critiques. Anwar believes this is essential for enhancing the standards of higher education institutions. He has discussed this matter with the Higher Education Minister and plans to meet with the vice-chancellors of all universities to address the issue.

Anwar then reminded the students not to be trapped in a racial and narrow-minded frame of thinking or to behave like religious extremists. “We accept what is in the Federal Constitution and the position of Islam and the special rights of the Malays and Raja-raja Melayu. But this is not an excuse for us to sow seeds of hatred because all citizens regardless of skin colour and ethnicity have rights,” he said.

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