Horny couple caught having sex at work sets Thai social media abuzz

Picture courtesy of Sanook with a message in Thai asking if the couple "are they working?"

A couple of horny factory workers set tongues wagging on Thai social media after being caught having sex at work in Rayong, East Thailand. The randy factory workers were caught in the throes of passion in the middle of a warehouse while on the clock.

A female colleague, far from being shocked or offended, recorded the entire pornographic encounter on video and uploaded it on social media. Unsurprisingly, it soon went viral!

The Facebook page ‘Factory Life Watch’ stated…

“A factory couple from Rayong couldn’t wait for their shift to end; they passionately made love in the warehouse. A female employee who passed by captured a clip of them. It’s now causing quite a stir.”

The incident caused quite a stir among the online community who were quick to voice and share their opinion on the lascivious act, reported Sanook.

Some said that the couple demonstrated a lack of respect for their workplace and showed no consideration for their colleagues.

Others reckoned that if the couple felt the need to engage in such activity, they should have chosen a more discreet location. The online discussions also discussed possible disciplinary actions the company might take in response to their employees’ conduct.

While some netizens expressed concern for the woman who filmed the incident, fearing the couple in the video may file a lawsuit against them under the Computer Crime Act, the situation raises additional concerns regarding potential job loss for the couple as well as possible legal repercussions for the person who captured and shared the footage.

Overall, the incident has sparked a lively debate on appropriate behaviour in the workplace and the potential risks associated with capturing and disseminating controversial content on social media platforms.

Having sex in public is a common hot topic in Thailand.

Only two days ago a video went viral of a couple having sex on Chang Lang Beach in southern Thailand. The video, which shows a Thai man and woman having sex inside a camping tent on the beach, was widely circulated on the Facebook groups of Trang residents.

Four days ago, two Chinese students having sex behind a lorry was snapped by an opportunist voyeur in Wenzhou, a city in the southeastern province of Zhejiang, in the People’s Republic of China. Unsurprisingly, the video clip and snaps went viral on social media.

Last week, The Thaiger wrote about a couple caught having sex outside of a popular convenience store entrance in Zhumadian, Henan Province, China, much to the surprise of passersby and the astonishment of netizens.

It appears sex outdoors or in public is becoming more popular for those participating and for those voyeurs happy to take pictures and record it.

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