Chaotic crash: Thai duo’s road rampage wreaks havoc in Chon Buri

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Police arrested two Thai men after one of them crashed an SUV into nine motorcycles and a pickup, causing severe injury to one victim on the Sukprayun Road in Chon Buri province. The two men in the SUV tried to shift the blame onto each other.

Officers from Pan Thong Police Station and Trai Khunnadham Rescue Team rushed to investigate the scene of the accident on Sukprayun Road in front of the Eastern College of Technology (E. Tech) at 8am today after receiving a report about the collision.

Upon investigation, officers discovered nine damaged motorcycles and a pickup at the scene together with two injured women. One of them suffered minor injuries, while the other experienced a broken left leg and was rushed to hospital.

The suspects’ white Isuzu MU7 also bore damage to its front bumper. A 48 year old man named Taksin Jitman, was sitting on the road near the SUV. Taksin, who appeared intoxicated, vehemently denied being the driver, asserting that his friend, Ek, was the one behind the wheel. Ek insisted on his innocence and pointed out that it was clear that Taksin was drunk.

Subsequently, both men were taken to the police station for alcohol tests and further questioning. As of now, the results of the questioning conducted by the authorities have not been disclosed.

Only this month, at least three road accidents occurred due to drink driving. On Sunday, July 9, a 45 year old Thai man, Pramuan Hongsiri, was arrested in Phuket. He faced charges of driving under the influence of alcohol as well as unlawful possession of a firearm, as he recklessly discharged his rifle into the air in a public area.

Moreover, just six days ago in the Wang Noi district of Ayutthaya province, two victims lost their lives and two others sustained injuries when a drunken police officer crashed a police pickup truck into three motorcycles.

In a separate accident, a Thai pickup driver named Kiat was arrested for crashing his vehicle into a local’s house along the Don Jom Thao Road in Phuket last week. Though Kiat was suspected of driving under the influence, he vehemently denied the allegation.

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