Tragic twist: Drunk police officer’s pickup wreaks havoc, leaving death and injury in Ayutthaya

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An alleged drunk and disorderly Royal Thai Police officer crashed his pickup into three motorcycles instantly killing two people and critically injuring two others on Liab Khlong Peeraphat Road in the Wang Noi district of Ayutthaya province.

In the early hours of this morning, a CCTV camera captured the heart-wrenching scene. Three motorcycles passed by innocently, just moments before the pickup abruptly appeared on the footage, accompanied by the fragments of the shattered motorcycles it had collided with.

Wang Noi Police Station officers and a rescue team rushed to the scene and discovered three damaged motorcycles on the road. Two victims, a 19 year old man, Phusit, and a 32 year old woman, Wanpen, died at the site.

The other two victims, whose identities have not been reported, sustained severe injuries and were promptly transported to Wang Noi Hospital. As of now, there is no update on their current condition.

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Officers also discovered a damaged Isuzu police pickup at the scene with the registration number บษ 1112. The front of the pickup was completely damaged but the pickup driver, 53 year old police sub-lieutenant, Auttakorn, survived the crash without injury.

According to Channel 3, Auttakorn was allegedly under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. The results of an alcohol test revealed that his blood alcohol level was 130 milligrams, significantly exceeding the legal limit of 50 milligrams.

A 23 year old woman named Pornchanok was present at the scene and revealed to the police that she survived the crash. Pornchanok explained that the victims were her colleagues who had just completed a night shift and were travelling back home together.

Pornchanok recounted that she was riding her motorcycle behind the three motorcycles when she noticed a speeding pickup truck approaching from the opposite direction, swaying back and forth. Suddenly, the pickup veered toward her friends and crashed directly into the friends.

The pickup did not stop after the crash but dragged the motorcycles along the road for over 200 metres before finally stopping.

Pornchanok stated that she was worried that her friends would not receive justice as the perpetrator was a police officer. She urged the media outlets to closely monitor the case to bring justice to her friends.

The superintendent of the Wang Noi Police Station, Somjate Manboon, promised to deliver justice to all the victims. Somjate admitted that the police suspect was a member of his team, but the incident occurred outside of official duty.

Somjate clarified that the suspect did not flee from the scene, and thus, the officers granted him temporary release. He assured that the officers would thoroughly investigate the case in accordance with the legal procedures.

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