Thalang crash: Drunken driver miraculously survives collision despite wreckage

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A roadside dwelling in Thepkrasattri, Thalang, was destroyed as the result of an out-of-control Isuzu pickup truck veering off the Don Jom Thao Road. Thalang Police have yet to announce any charges against the driver who miraculously survived unscathed in this severe Thalang crash.

The Thalang crash incident occurred in the wee hours of the morning, around 2.10am, near the TOT office in Thalang. Informed by Lt. Col. Niwat Timket, the initiation of the calamitous event was a white Isuzu pick-up with Phuket license plates that careened off the mainland causing considerable ruin to a local household.

Upon inspection, police officers found that the vehicular momentum was such that the impact triggered the house’s roof to cave in on the pickup. Despite the severity of the Thalang crash damage, no immediate injuries were reported.

The owner of the house, 40 year old Napaporn Khaothong, provided the police with her account of the mishap. She explained the driver, known only as Kiat, did not suffer any injuries in this Thalang crash. Kiat, who has previous arrests and prosecutions for drunken driving, pleaded with Khaothong not to contact the police, fearing possible imprisonment, reported Phuket News.

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Khaothong recounted that Kiat had proposed to resolve the situation privately. Initially, she agreed with this resolution. However, they failed to come to a satisfactory agreement, prompting her to involve the officials in this Thalang crash.

The Thalang Police Station took Kiat in for alcohol testing to ascertain whether or not drunk driving had contributed to the Thalang crash. The results of these tests will consequently determine the charges brought forth against him.

In a similar incident, a driver emerged unscathed when his car ran into a cluster of stray cows in the area of Phuket.

The automobile experienced significant damage, yet the individual walked away unharmed. Regarding the condition of the cows, there was not enough evidence, but due to the absence of blood nearby the crash site, the locals held on to the hope that they were safe. Read more HERE.

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