Car crash in Lampang leaves one dead, another seriously injured

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A tragic car crash in Lampang resulting from a vehicle veering off course and crashing into a tree has resulted in one fatality and serious injury to the passenger, requiring substantial rescue efforts involving hydraulic tools.

The incident occurred yesterday, July 3, at 9.15pm when police received reports of an accident involving a sedan in Thoen district, Lampang province.

Officers from Wiang Mok Police Station, along with an on-duty doctor from Thoen Hospital, rescue workers from Nong Hoi, and municipal officers from Wiang Mok, promptly responded to the scene. They discovered a grey sedan that had lost control, veered off the road, and collided with a tree before overturning multiple times. The car was found severely damaged.

Inside, a 37 year old passenger was trapped in the vehicle. Rescue workers used hydraulic cutters to extricate him and he was immediately transported to Lampang Hospital for urgent medical attention. The driver, a 36 year old man, was found deceased in the driver’s seat. His body was carefully removed and sent for a detailed autopsy.

Preliminary investigations revealed that both men had been attending a celebration in a neighbouring village before the accident occurred. It is believed that the car lost control while navigating a curve, leading to the crash and subsequent overturning.

Evidence at the scene included impact marks on a roadside tree and scattered car debris, which will be examined further to determine the exact cause of the accident.

The news has shocked the local community, where both men were known. Police are urging drivers to exercise caution, especially when driving at night and navigating unfamiliar roads. This incident serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers of high-speed driving and the importance of road safety.

In separate news, a food delivery rider’s fall into an unlit excavation pit prompted immediate action in Pattaya. Banglamung District Chief Weekit Manarojkit visited the accident site today and mandated increased lighting to ensure such incidents do not happen again.

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