Bangkok police shut down secret e-cigarette Line group

A female administrator was arrested for operating a secret Line group used for selling e-cigarettes for over two years. The police charged her with various offences, including facilitating the concealment and distribution of goods known to have entered the kingdom without proper customs clearance.

The arrest took place today, April 12, following a raid authorised by a search warrant from the Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Court.

The undercover investigation leading to the arrest began when Cyber Police Division 2 and Division 4 detected the clandestine sale of e-cigarettes through a secret Line group named @chayut#cnvapeshop.

The probe revealed that the group’s administrator, Nataree Kruepue, was indeed engaging in the unlawful trade. Following the gathering of evidence, the court issued a warrant, and upon inspection of the residence, authorities found Nataree in possession of a significant number of various e-cigarette brands.

The crackdown on illegal online trade, especially in products like e-cigarettes, has been a focus for Thai authorities due to the health risks associated with such products and the danger caused along with the loss of customs duties.

The arrest underscores the government’s ongoing efforts to combat the smuggling and illegal distribution of goods that bypass regulatory measures. It also serves as a warning to those involved in similar activities that law enforcement agencies are actively monitoring online platforms for illegal trade practices.

During the interrogation, Nataree admitted to owning the secret Line group and having sold e-cigarettes through it for more than two years. The products were priced from 40 baht up to 1,040 baht each.

After customers placed orders, they were instructed to transfer money to Nataree and provide shipping details for the delivery of the e-cigarettes through postal services.

Nataree is now facing legal proceedings for her actions after being handed over to the investigative officers at Khlong Lan Police Station, Kamphaeng Phet Province, reported Khaosod.

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