Air India Express cabin crew shortage due to sudden sick leave

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To tackle the turbulence caused by an unexpected sick call from a portion of its cabin crew, Air India Express has launched proactive initiatives, ensuring minimal disruption for affected passengers. Last night’s operational hiccup led the airline to swiftly rearrange flight schedules and explore diverse solutions, all aimed at easing the inconvenience experienced by its travellers.

In a statement today, Air India Express reaffirmed its unwavering dedication to reducing disruptions.

“We are fully committed to minimising the inconvenience this situation may cause to our guests. We have mobilised all available resources and have revised our flight schedules accordingly.”

To further aid affected passengers, the airline is facilitating alternative flight arrangements, including options within its group of airlines. This strategic move aims to swiftly get passengers to their destinations, minimising any potential delays.

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Travellers scheduled to fly with Air India Express during this period are urged to verify their flight status before journeying to the airport. The airline has updated its website’s Flight Status section, providing real-time updates on the situation, reported Travel Daily News.

Moreover, passengers facing cancellations or delays exceeding three hours are offered the flexibility of a full refund or rescheduling without additional charges.

In related news, Air India, now steered by Tata Group’s helm, is set to soar with 506 aircraft orders and a delivery every six days. CEO Campbell Wilson anticipates slight delays in their transformation journey, admitting they’re playing catch-up in the market. IndiGo, dominating India’s skies, plans a colossal expansion, eyeing a fleet surge from 300 to 1,000 aircraft by the decade’s end, reveals CEO Pieter Elbers.

In other news, Air India sacked a pilot caught flying under the influence of alcohol following a positive alcohol test conducted after operating a flight from Phuket to India. The captain, who flew a Phuket-Delhi route last week, underwent a breathalyser (BA) test upon arrival in Delhi.

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