Cabin crew reveals top three seats to avoid in economy class

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In recent guidance, an airline cabin crew member has identified the three worst seats in the economy class and advised passengers to avoid them if possible. When booking flights, especially in economy class, passengers often seek the best available comfort within the constraints of their budget. The advice from the cabin crew member aims to enhance passenger comfort by steering them away from less desirable seating options.

The crew member ranked the second row as the absolute worst in economy class. Being directly behind the first row, which often has extra legroom and is thus chosen by parents with infants and small children, the second row lacks much space. Additionally, passengers in the second row are more likely to be disturbed by crying babies.

The seats in the last row of the plane came in second on the list of seats to avoid. The back half of the aircraft tends to experience more turbulence, and proximity to the lavatories can be less than ideal.

Passengers seated here may also wait longer for food and beverage service. Moreover, the seats in the last row are often unable to recline, further reducing comfort on longer flights, reported The Sun.

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The third worst seat, according to the crew member, is the middle seat. While window seats offer scenic views and a wall to lean against and aisle seats provide more legroom and accessibility, middle seats offer neither. Passengers in the middle seats find themselves sandwiched between others, with limited space and freedom to move. For a more comfortable journey, avoiding the middle seat is recommended.

In related news, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) convened with Thai Airways International Public Co. Ltd on December 8 last year following a passenger’s complaint that surfaced on social media.

The disgruntled passenger had purchased a business-class ticket but was seated in the economy class.

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