Russian fighter jets crashes into apartment building near Ukraine leaving at least 6 dead

A Russian fighter plane has apparently crashed into an apartment building just outside of Ukraine, killing at least six people and injuring 19. The crash happened in the Russian city of Yeysk shortly after taking off on Monday. According to the Straits Times, the crash engulfed the apartments which left another six people missing.

The city of Yeysk is separated from occupied Russian territory in southern Ukraine by a narrow stretch of the Sea of Azov. Military news channel Zvezda published a video that showed explosions aboard the Sukhoi Su-34 supersonic medium-range fighter plane as it crashed into the apartments. According to Russian agencies, the plane’s pilots had ejected.

President Vladimir Putin ordered the federal emergencies minister to go to the scene shortly after the crash. Krasnodar regional governor Veniamin Kondratyev denied local reports that the plane was loaded with ammunition.

“If that had been the case, then only half the building would be here.”

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RIA said the crash happened during a military training flight. It cited the defence ministry as saying the pilots reported an engine had caught fire upon takeoff and the plane’s fuel ignited when it struck the building. Putin allegedly ordered all necessary help to be provided to the crash victims and for the health minister to fly to the region.

Also on Monday, Russia reportedly launched “kamikaze drones” into Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv this morning. This news comes just after Russia’s President Vladimir Putin claimed on Friday that there was no need for massive strikes on Ukraine.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said that at least one person, a woman, has been killed in the attacks, Al Jazeera reported. Klitschko said another person remains under the ruble, as rescue operations continue.

Both incidents come almost eight months after Russia invaded Ukraine, calling it a military operation in Russian state newscasts. The invasion has left scores of casualties with mass burials recently being discovered, sparking worldwide outrage. Human rights groups have called on the United Nations to act as they say Russia has committed crimes against humanity.

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