Thai government’s Ofos project to create 20 million jobs from June

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The Thai government has plans to set in motion the One Family One Soft Power (OFOS) project in June, hoping to generate 20 million employment opportunities with a minimum yearly wage of 200,000 baht according to Paetongtarn Shinawatra, Head of the National Committee on Soft Power Development and leader of the Pheu Thai Party.

Paetongtarn shed light on the forthcoming OFOS, disclosing that the scheme will offer free-of-charge up-skilling and re-skilling courses. Citizens can register for these courses beginning in early June via an online platform like an application or website, as well as through local offices of the National Village Fund and the Urban Community Office.

The courses are projected to accommodate 266,400 online attendees and 30,210 onsite attendees. The curriculum will focus on occupational skills in specific industries such as food, film and drama, music, sports, fashion, festivals, books, video games, tourism, and art.

In addition, Paetongtarn revealed that the One Village One Thai Food Chef culinary course, one of the project’s initiatives, has been realised. The course was curated by renowned Thai chef and chairman of the Food Industry Steering Committee of the National Committee on Soft Power Development, Chumpol Jangprai, and his team.

The Pheu Thai Party sees the soft power industry as a springboard to augment Thai income, propelling Thailand from a middle-income nation to a high-income one, Paetongtarn stated. Careers that generate soft powers, for instance, chefs, Muay Thai fighters, Muay Thai instructors, and dressmakers, will allow Thais to earn more by guaranteeing them an annual income of at least 200,000 baht (US$5,400).

Furthermore, Paetongtarn noted that OFOS targets citizens seeking to enhance their skills, chosen representatives of local communities, business proprietors, and those aspiring to start a business. It is projected to create 20 million jobs for citizens.

Paetongtarn expressed gratitude to all sectors for the successful Maha Songkran World Water Festival, which attracted numerous overseas visitors to Thailand, reported Bangkok Post.

In response to criticism about her absence from the country during the festival due to a trip to Hong Kong, she said she had attended several opening ceremonies for the festival since April 12. She called for understanding from the public, stating that she needs to balance her work and family life.

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