Child in China diagnosed with stomach cancer from raw eggs

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A four year old child in China has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, which doctors attribute to the daily consumption of raw eggs—a traditional health remedy gone awry.

Grandmother Wang, adhering to age-old beliefs and folk remedies, had heard that raw eggs could enhance children’s immunity, prompting rapid growth and improved appetite. Taking this advice to heart, she fed her four year old grandson raw eggs daily, hoping to bolster his health. However, her well-intentioned practice took a tragic turn when the child began to experience stomach discomfort, a loss of appetite, and significant weight loss.

Concerned by these symptoms, Wang took her grandson to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with early-stage stomach cancer. The revelation was a shock to Wang, who never imagined that what she thought was a beneficial food could cause such harm to her grandchild. Hospital staff warned her about the dangers of raw eggs, especially due to the presence of Salmonella bacteria, which pose serious health risks.

The belief that raw eggs are healthier than cooked eggs is a complete misconception. Firstly, the nutritional value of raw eggs is significantly lower than cooked eggs. The protein structure of raw eggs is dense and difficult for the human body to digest. Once cooked, the protein structure softens and becomes more easily absorbable, reported Sanook.

Secondly, the risk of food poisoning from consuming raw eggs is high due to Salmonella, a common disease-causing bacterium found in raw eggs. Infection can lead to severe food poisoning, which is particularly dangerous for young children.

In related news, the tragic tale of a 37 year old patient, who despite regular exercise and abstaining from alcohol, was diagnosed with liver cancer and succumbed to the disease within just two months, stresses the importance of early detection and treatment. The patient’s story was shared by a hospital page to raise awareness about the silent killer that is liver cancer.

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