Singapore taxi drags traffic police officer from window

PHOTO: Singaporean taxi drags police officer from car window. (via The Best Singapore)

And you thought Thai taxi drivers were bad… A cab driver in Singapore was arrested after failing to comply with a traffic policeman. Instead, he argued before rolling up the taxi window on the police officer’s arm and driving off, dragging him down the road. The 69 year old taxi driver was arrested and faces charges for his reckless escapade.

The Singapore Police Force released a statement today on the incident that happened on Holland Road Sunday afternoon. A Traffic Police (TP) officer alleged he saw the driver of the taxi using his mobile phone in violation of Singapore law. When he attempted to alert the driver to pull over, the taxi kept going. Finally, the taxi stopped and the police officer encountered a testy driver.

The man driving the cab wouldn’t comply with the officer and hand over his license and registration. According to the police statement, it was then that the cabbie proved that Thailand taxis don’t have the market cornered on bad behaviour.

“Sensing that the taxi driver might drive off again, the TP officer reached his hand out to turn off the ignition button of the vehicle. However, the driver allegedly wound up his window and drove off before the officer could remove his arm.”

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The officer was reportedly dragged a few metres down the road before the taxi driver came to his senses and stopped the car.

A relatively minor traffic violation then escalated into a full criminal investigation. Using a cell phone while driving does carry a fine of up to about 26,000 baht and six months in jail. But the taxi driver now faces up to seven years in jail and a hefty fine. He was charged with voluntarily causing hurt to deter a public servant from discharge of duty. The statement reminded people of the seriousness of such an attack.

“The police have zero tolerance towards such brazen acts of violence towards police officers or public servants carrying out their duties. The police will not hesitate to take firm action against those who endanger the safety of our officers or other road users.”

Fortunately, the driver is over 50 so he will avoid Singapore’s infamous caning punishment.

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