Vietnam’s breathtaking views, cliffs, rock formations

Rock formation on Da Chong Mountain, photo by Nation Thailand.

Five cliffs and rock formations offer breathtaking views for outdoor adventurers headed to Vietnam. The cliffs are located in the northeastern Quang Ninh province, the northern Yen Bai province, the northwest Lao Cai province, the northern Hà Giang province, and the northwest Son La province.

Located in Quang Ninh province is a rock formation on Da Chong Mountain. It is surrounded by pine forests, overlooking the beautiful Yen Lap Lake. The rock formation is hundreds of metres high. Even though the cliff can be scaled, climbers are advised to always be completely prepared to ensure their safety.

The cliff in Yen Bai province is the “Turtle head cliff” on top of Ta Xua Mountain. The cliff resembles the head of a turtle, with the way it sticks out from the ground. Adventurers can gaze at the surrounding clouds and forests, according to Asia News Network. It takes about four hours to climb the 2,000 metre high mountain to the turtle head cliff.

The cliff in Lao Cai province is the Lao Than cliff, at the top of Lao Than mountain. This cliff also takes almost four hours to reach. But the journey to the top is beautiful due to the many flowers. Once at the top, adventurers can look down at the luscious green valleys below. Social media has made the cliff a hotspot for backpackers.

The cliff in Ha Giang province is located in the middle of Ma Pi Leng Pass. Hikers can see the Nho Que River down below the rocky cliff. Even for experienced climbers, this cliff is difficult to reach due to the stone slabs.

The cliff in Son La Province is Pha Luong. It is about 70 kilometres from the centre of the Moc Chau Plateau. This cliff offers a view of many tectonic fissures down below. However, the area is often crowded with people taking photographs, and it can be dangerous if you’re not careful. The cliff takes about three hours to climb.

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