Drug-addled cabbie faces jail for driving under the influence

A drug-addled cabbie faces time in jail for dangerous driving while allegedly under the influence of narcotics in the Kathu district of Phuket.

A motorcycle rider brought to light the drug-taking cab driver’s antics after becoming a victim of his erratic behaviour on the road.

The taxi driver scolded the motorcycle rider after the latter complained. He said…

“Don’t butt in! I’m a Phuket local! Who are you? Don’t show off in my town!”

The Facebook page, So cruel, Phuket (โหดจัง จังหวัดภูเก็ต), posted a video of the 33 year old yaba-dabba-doo loving taxi driver called Sak, arguing with a man who recorded the video on the road. The caption said…

“Famous Phuket airport taxi driver again. A taxi driver who fights with others. The motorcycle rider sent me this and informed me that this taxi driver drove at a high speed, dangerously overtakes other cars, and yells at other drivers along the route. The driver also shouted at a motorcycle rider, ‘Don’t butt in!’ Followers, let’s see for yourself and decide who is right?”

The taxi driver swears several times at the guy recording the video, using sexually-graphic language. He then flips a middle finger before quickly escaping from the scene.

According to the 77 Khaoded news agency, the guy recording the video was 37 year old Passakorn Sirishoochot. Passakorn told the media that the taxi driver overtook him and almost hit his motorcycle. The taxi driver also honked at other motorcycles on the road without reason.

Passakorn tried to persuade the out-of-control taxi driver to pull over and alert him to his aggressive driving but he just screamed at him.

The taxi driver said…

“Don’t butt in! I’m a Phuket local! Who are you? Don’t show off in my town!”

Passakorn sent the video recording to several different Facebook pages and filed a complaint at Kathu Police Station after the argument.

MGR Online reported today that the taxi driver was arrested at 7.30am after the police checked CCTV cameras in the area.

The officers questioned both the taxi driver and Passakorn and asked both to take a urine drug test. The result was positive for the taxi driver. The taxi driver admitted to using yaba, or methamphetamine, before driving.

The taxi driver was charged under Section 97 and Section 91 of the Narcotic Act: using drugs in Narcotic Category 1 (methamphetamine) while driving. He could face imprisonment from six months to three years, a fine from 10,000 to 20,000 baht, or both.

His action also violates Section 43 and Section 157/1 of the Land Traffic Act leading to a heavier punishment by one-third of the penalties stated in the Narcotic Act, and his public transport driving licence will be revoked.

The taxi had a green license plate which means that the car serviced travellers at Phuket International Airport. Thai netizens urged the taxi agency to check their taxi drivers to maintain the reputation of the province and Thai tourism.

Phuket has had a problem with its taxi drivers for a long time. Only last week they met with officials to agree to stop fighting among themselves.

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