Monks on drugs: two monks busted at abandoned Phuket hotel

Two monks busted on drugs, photo by The Phuket Express.

For the umpteenth time in Thailand, monks have been busted for having a little too much fun.

Two monks were found at an abandoned Phuket hotel on Tuesday, with both testing positive for illegal drugs. A village headman and a head monk found the monks at the abandoned hotel in the Thalang district.

The monks were originally from a temple in Thailand’s central Nakhon Sawan province. The temple’s head monk was contacted about the incident. He refused to take back the two naughty monks.

The Phuket Express reported that the two monks tested positive for illegal drugs, although it was not specified which drugs they tested positive for.

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The monks were defrocked, and they await further legal proceedings.

This is certainly not the first scandal involving monks in Thailand.

Reports of monks taking drugs, carrying methamphetamine, drinking, drunk driving, money laundering, stealing, sniffing women’s undergarments, committing murder and rendezvousing with women are common headlines in the kingdom.

Last month, a Thai monk was in the spotlight after a video of him performing oral sex on a German man circulated on the Internet. The Buddhist monk admitted it was him in the clip but claims it was filmed two years ago when he temporarily left the monkhood. He also claimed the German man drugged him with a Viagra-like substance mixed into his coffee which is why he “couldn’t resist.”

Last year, a Chon Buri monk busted with meth pills and crystal meth claimed the drugs helped him meditate and reach a higher state of mind, even though they are banned by Buddhist regulations. He admitted to police that he had bought the drugs for himself, but denied selling them or causing problems for others. The temple’s abbot defrocked Choochart and ordered him to leave the Buddhist monkhood before the police took him to Nong Yai Police Station for further legal action.

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