Thai monk starring in sex clip claims he was drugged by German man

A Thai monk is in the spotlight after a video of him performing oral sex on a German man circulated on the Internet.

The Buddhist monk admitted it was him in the clip but claims it was filmed two years ago when he temporarily left the monkhood.

Not only that, he claims that the German man drugged him with a Viagra-like substance mixed into his coffee which is why he “couldn’t resist.”

The abbot of Wat Samnak Kham Temple in Ban Beung district of Chon Buri province confirmed that the man, Phra Banjong, is indeed a real monk but not a resident of their temple.

The abbot said Phra Banjong was ordained at a temple in Lop Buri province and regularly travels to Wat Samnak Kham because the temple hosts many activities.

At one point, the monk stayed at Wat Samnak Kham for around one year. However, he got kicked out after accepting donations into his personal bank account (which goes against the monastic code as monks are not allowed to have money), the abbot said.

Then, recently he came to stay again for about 15 days before leaving on February 1, added the abbot.

Phra Banjong admitted to having sex with the German man but says he was not ordained as a monk at the time.

He says he left the monkhood temporarily to make some money. He says he was hired by the German man to help take care of his sick father. The German paid him very well, 50,000 baht every month, said the monk.

Phra Banjong said that one morning, after drinking some instant coffee made by the German man, he felt “intense sexual emotions that he couldn’t resist,” leading to the events seen in the clip.

The monk suspects that the German mixed a sexual stimulant, like Viagra, into the coffee. Or perhaps it was Gomax.

After the incident, Phra Banjong stopped working for the German and never spoke to him again, he said.

Phra Banjong admitted that he was really embarrassed about the whole situation.

He decided to ordain back into the monkhood in his hometown.

The monk said he would like to apologise to everyone about the clip.

However, the monks at his temple and locals do not feel that he is in the wrong, or “destroying Buddhism” as some people have accused him of, he continued.

The monk said he requests the media to portray the story accurately so that the image of Buddhism is not tarnished. It’s just a coincidence, he said.

In another recent scandalous monk case, a Vietnamese man claimed that the monk accused of staring in a sexy video was actually him.

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