The Thaiger News | Russian man found dead in Bangkok Canal, Businesswoman gifts 100 million baht estate to housekeeper after taking own life

In this Thailand video news, Alex and Jay deliver the latest news spanning the nation. Tragedy strikes as a Russian man’s body is discovered in a canal under suspicious circumstances, prompting swift action from authorities. Meanwhile, heightened concerns emerge as reports reveal increased mitragynine levels in Kratom drinks, stirring unease among consumers. Demonstrating global solidarity, a massive fundraising campaign rallies behind a struggling Brisbane restaurateur in Thailand. However, scandal erupts as a prominent politician finds himself embroiled in controversy after being caught in a compromising position with his adopted monk son. Amidst the tumult, a touching narrative unfolds as a Thai businesswoman leaves her substantial estate to her devoted housekeeper following a tragic suicide. On a brighter note, an American retiree’s act of kindness shines through as he generously donates helmets to Thai children, earning widespread admiration and goodwill nationwide.

Russian Man Found Deceased in Bangkok Canal Under Suspicious Circumstances

The body of a 40-year-old Russian man, identified as Asonov Konstantin, was found yesterday morning in the Hua Lamphong Canal in Bangkok, sparking a police investigation. Discovered hanging from a canal fence by a shoelace and shirtless, Konstantin bore over 10 cut wounds on his wrists, indicative of a violent death possibly a day or two prior. Nearby, a blood-stained broken glass bottle was found, suggesting a potential suicide, although authorities have not discounted the possibility of foul play. Konstantin, who appeared to be homeless and exhibited signs of mental distress, had been a familiar figure in the local area. His body has been moved to the Police General Hospital for an autopsy as investigations continue, with plans to contact his family for further arrangements.

Health Alert on High Mitragynine Levels in Kratom Drinks Raises Concerns

Public health officials are raising alarms over kratom-infused drinks due to potentially dangerous levels of mitragynine, a psychoactive compound found in the kratom plant. Recent safety tests conducted by the Department of Medical Sciences in March analysed 52 kratom drink samples, revealing mitragynine concentrations ranging from 22 to 352.6 milligrams per liter, far exceeding the FDA’s recommended limit of 0.2 milligrams. The average concentration found was 109.5 milligrams per liter. Mitragynine is known for its stimulant and pain-relieving properties but poses serious health risks such as intoxication, addiction, and potential overdose when consumed in high amounts. Despite the legalisation of kratom for therapeutic cultivation in 2021, its combination with other mind-altering substances remains illegal. Health officials, including Health Department Chief Yongyot Thammawut, strongly advise public caution and call for more studies on kratom’s safety.

Massive Fundraising Effort for Brisbane Restaurateur Stricken in Thailand

Friends and family of Brisbane restaurateur Andrew Park, who suffered a severe diabetic incident in Bangkok, have rallied to raise nearly $240,000 for his medical evacuation to Australia. Park, known for operating the popular Thai Jumbo restaurant and founding the Siam Sunset chain in Brisbane, collapsed last week due to a diabetes-related health crisis that led to cardiac arrest and a subsequent brain injury. Despite being stabilised and currently in a coma at a Bangkok hospital, the intensive care required is not covered by his insurance. The fundraising campaign on mycause aims to support the delicate aeromedical transfer provided by Lifeflight, ensuring Park’s best chance for recovery while alleviating financial pressures on his family. The community’s quick response underscores the high regard in which Park is held, and the goal is to raise $250,000.

Scandal in Thailand: Politician Caught in Compromising Position with Adopted Monk Son

In a shocking turn of events, Thai politician Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh was suspended from her duties after being caught by her husband in a compromising position with their 24-year-old adopted son, who is also a monk. The incident, captured on video and now viral on social media in China, occurred in Sukhothai after Prapaporn’s husband, Ti, drove for over five hours due to suspicions about her fidelity. Ti, feeling betrayed after providing his wife with many gifts including gold, discovered Prapaporn and the monk, Phra Maha, naked in bed. The scandal has led to Maha renouncing his monkhood and fleeing, while Prapaporn defends herself claiming they were merely talking and about to shower, denying any sexual activity at the moment of the discovery.

Thai Businesswoman Leaves 100 Million Baht Estate to Housekeeper After Tragic Suicide

In a tragic yet poignant turn of events on Koh Samui, Thailand, a 59-year-old businesswoman named Catherine, ended her life using a firearm by her villa’s pool shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. Before her death, she bequeathed her entire estate, valued at 100 million baht, to her devoted housekeeper, Tim, with whom she had shared a close bond over 17 years. The police speculate that her cancer diagnosis led to her distressing decision, although the exact circumstances of her suicide are unclear due to tampered CCTV footage. Catherine’s generous last testament left her villa, luxury car, jewellery, and substantial funds to Tim, alongside instructions for managing her three cats and funeral arrangements. Additionally, she left properties to her ex-husband, Vincent. Tim, deeply moved by the gesture, has vowed to honor Catherine’s memory and legacy. This story, marked by both heartbreak and remarkable generosity, highlights the profound relationships that can form between employers and their long-standing employees.

American Retiree Wins Hearts in Thailand with Massive Helmet Donation to Children

Rick Brown, a 57-year-old American residing in Pattaya, has captured the admiration of Thai TikTok users through his generous initiative to distribute free, safety-certified motorcycle helmets to Thai children. His TikTok account, @savvyrickbrown, features heartwarming videos of him gifting helmets, which have gone viral, drawing widespread praise and gratitude from the community. Brown, who moved to Thailand nearly two years ago to retire, began this project six months ago, motivated by his own traumatic experience in a motorcycle accident as a young man, which left him battling PTSD. His commitment to child safety resonates deeply with locals, particularly as he reveals plans to extend his charitable work nationwide, aiming to distribute one million helmets. This initiative not only highlights the often-overlooked issue of child safety on roads but also fosters a positive image of foreigners contributing to Thai society.

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