Businesswoman gifts 100 million baht estate to Thai cleaner

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A businesswoman in Thailand tragically ended her life using a firearm next to the pool of her luxurious villa on Koh Samui. Before her death, the 59 year old woman named Catherine, astonishingly bequeathed her entire estate, valued at 100 million baht, to her devoted housekeeper, following a cancer diagnosis.

The circumstances surrounding her suicide remain a mystery, as CCTV cameras at the scene were seemingly tampered with, obscuring the moment of her death. This incident has left many unanswered questions, with the police considering her illness as the probable cause for her distressing decision.

It is important to note that one of Catherine’s villas had a previous history of burglary.

In an emotional interview, the housekeeper, known affectionately as Aunt Tim, disclosed her 17 year acquaintance with Catherine. Tim was recommended by a friend to work for Catherine, which marked the beginning of a long and close relationship.

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As Catherine’s ventures expanded from rental rooms to building a resort and villas, Tim’s role grew in significance. Twelve years ago, Catherine bought land on Koh Samui to develop five villas, including the one where she resided.

Tim, along with Catherine’s ex-husband, Vincent, was integral in managing the construction and maintenance of these properties.

Usual routine

The day before the incident, Tim went about her cleaning duties as usual, even though it was her birthday. Catherine wished her happiness.

The following morning, a pool cleaner alerted Tim to the horrifying discovery: Catherine lying lifeless by the pool with a gunshot wound to her temple and the CCTV camera pointed away.

A gardener present at the scene found a gun next to Catherine’s body, prompting an immediate call to the police. Catherine had also sent Tim a message that eerily resembled final instructions, akin to a will.

Catherine’s last testament, as read by Tim and a friend from Catherine’s safe, was shocking. She left her villa, adjacent land, luxury car, jewellery, and an undisclosed sum of money in the bank to Tim, all amounting to nearly 50 million baht.

Additionally, Catherine entrusted two more villas to her ex-husband, Vincent, and requested Tim to care for her three beloved cats. Tim, overwhelmed by Catherine’s generosity, vowed to honour her memory and manage the funeral with the half a million baht Catherine had transferred for the purpose.

Tim remains undecided about the future of the villa but is certain she won’t sell it, nor the luxury car she’s been gifted.


The motive behind Catherine’s suicide is presumed to be the despair from her battle with cancer, as she often confides in Tim about her suffering.

In a final message written in French, Catherine expressed her trust in Tim’s honesty and instructed her on the final arrangements for her estate and personal wishes. The message also included instructions to inform her friends and relatives in France of her passing.

Catherine’s last days were captured by the villa’s CCTV on April 28, showing her typing what is believed to be her will on her laptop. She then moved inside the house, tampered with the surveillance camera using a floor mop, and was later found dead, reported by Khaosod.

This tragic end to a life filled with both success and suffering has left a community in mourning and a loyal housekeeper with an unexpected inheritance.

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