TikTokers praise American’s helmet donation in Pattaya (video)

Photo via TikTok/ @savvyrickbrown

Thai TikTok users applauded the generosity of an American man in Pattaya for handing out motorcycle helmets to children. He made known plans to give away a million helmets to children across Thailand.

The 57 year old American man, Rick Brown, shared videos of himself distributing free motorcycle helmets to children on his TikTok account, @savvyrickbrown. The children appeared to be very happy receiving the gifts.

Brown’s videos have since gone viral with Thai netizens expressing their gratitude in the comments.

“Thank you for caring about our children’s safety!”

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Good farang! Welcome to Thailand!”

“See, some farangs in Thailand are kind!”

“Thailand needs more foreigners like this.”

“I had brain surgery after a motorcycle accident. What you’re doing is amazing!”

Some netizens also noted the irony of parents riding expensive motorcycles yet neglecting to invest in safety gear for their children.

Brown revealed with ThaiRath that he relocated to Pattaya from the US to retire nearly two years ago and has been giving away helmets to children for the past six months. He emphasised that each helmet is high-quality and safety certified.

Brown explained that his motivation stems from a traumatic motorcycle accident when he was young. His friends pranked him, causing a crash, and he was not wearing a helmet at the time. The accident left him with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Brown battled with PTSD symptoms for numerous years before overcoming them and regaining the ability to lead a normal life. Determined to prevent others from experiencing what he endured, he distributed helmets to children free of charge.

Receiving positive feedback on social media from both Thai and foreign netizens, many of whom supported his charitable cause by contributing funds for the helmets, Brown felt encouraged.

His goal extended beyond his local area, as he aimed to distribute one million helmets across various regions of Thailand. Expressing his love for Thailand and its people, he emphasised his desire to give back to Thai society through this initiative.


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