Thailand Video News | Missing Canadian found dead at railway station, PM Thavisin suspends Police Chief and ‘Big Joke’

In this video, Alex and Jay offer the recent headlines from across Thailand, from the suspension of top police officials to the tragic discovery of a Canadian tourist’s death under puzzling circumstances. Immigration crackdowns and personal confrontations add layers to the narrative, while the unveiling of a new shark species in Thai waters adds a touch of discovery to the mix.

The national police chief and his right hand man have been suspended from duty by the PM

In Thailand, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin ordered the temporary suspension of the national police chief, Torsak Sukvimol, and one of his deputies, Surachate Hakparn, amidst allegations of Surachate’s involvement in an illegal online gambling operation. Both officials were reassigned to inactive roles within the Prime Minister’s Office, which oversees the police department, pending an investigation. Surachate, who denies the accusations, was under scrutiny after a raid on his home linked to a gambling network bust and subsequent accusations of abuse of power and bribery. The suspensions, effective immediately, aim to allow an unimpeded investigation into the matter, with the possibility of reinstating the officers after 60 days. This move highlights ongoing issues of corruption within Thailand’s police force, known for its internal power struggles and corruption, and the Prime Minister’s attempt to address these challenges without implying punishment or personal conflict between the involved parties.


A missing Canadian tourist has been found dead under a railway platform

The body of 26-year-old Canadian, Ralph Joseph Ryan, was found under a platform at Chet Samian Railway Station in Ratchaburi, Thailand, following a missing person report filed by his friends. They had reported Ryan missing after he didn’t return from smoking outside the train carriage on train No. 168 from Bangkok to Chumphon and Trang. Despite efforts to locate him using his phone signal and searching various stations, he was only found after a construction worker discovered him beneath the platform, having suffered a severe leg wound and blood loss. It is suspected that Ryan fell off the train and struck a projecting concrete structure, leading to his fatal injuries. His body was moved for an autopsy, highlighting the dangers of smoking on trains, against State Railway of Thailand regulations, and potentially contributing to the tragic accident.


Over 700 foreign workers have been caught in jobs reserved for Thai nationals only

Over the past six months, the Thai government’s crackdown led by the Employment Department has uncovered a covert workforce of 721 foreign workers operating in jobs legally reserved for locals, according to government spokesperson Kharom Polpornklang. The operation, which inspected 25,628 businesses and scrutinized 306,577 foreigners nationwide, was in response to complaints from native workers in tourism-dependent provinces. The majority of the foreigners, found primarily in Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai, were employed as street vendors, hairdressers, drivers, and masseurs. Myanmar nationals formed the largest group among those apprehended, followed by Cambodians, Laotians, Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, and others, totaling legal actions against 1,689 individuals for various violations, including 721 for taking up occupations designated for Thais.


A local woman working abroad returned home to violently confront her philandering husband

A Thai woman, working in Taiwan, flew back to Thailand to confront her husband and his mistress in a hotel in Roi Et province, after learning of his infidelity. In the early hours of March 21, she attacked both with a Stanley knife, causing a scene likened to a horror movie bloodbath. The police and rescue teams found the injured couple at the scene, with the husband sustaining more severe injuries than his lover. The wife, present at the hotel, admitted to the assault, driven by rage upon discovering the affair. The attack’s consequences for her depend on the victims’ injury severity, potentially facing up to two years in jail, a fine, or both. Despite the violent nature of her retaliation, many online have shown support for her actions, highlighting the emotional turmoil and costs involved in her journey for confrontation.


A completely new species of shark has been discovered in Thai waters

A novel species of “ghost shark,” known scientifically as Chimaera supapae, has been discovered off the coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, showcasing a massive head, enormous iridescent eyes, and feathery fins. This deep-sea chimaera, part of the ancient and cartilaginous fish order Chimaeriformes, was identified during a deep-sea survey in 2018 at depths between 772 to 775 meters. The species adds to the relatively small number of known chimaeras, now totaling 54 worldwide. Chimaeras, which are distant relatives of sharks and rays, typically inhabit the dark, deep-sea environments and feed on bottom-dwelling creatures. The discovery of C. supapae, an immature male specimen 20 inches long with a distinctive massive head and short snout, highlights the unexplored diversity of marine life and the need for further exploration. Named in honor of the late Thai scientist Supap Monkolprasit, this finding emphasizes the deep evolutionary roots of chimaeras, dating back 300-400 million years, and underscores how much remains unknown about the ocean’s depths.

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