Northeast Thailand: Son murders father in family dispute

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A family tragedy unfolded in Non Sang, Nong Bua Lamphu province when a son murdered his father in a moment of apparent self-defence.

The harrowing incident, which took place yesterday evening, resulted in an urgent manhunt for the perpetrator, who is now urged to surrender to the authorities.

The deceased, Songsakran, was known by locals for his drastic change of behaviour when under the influence of alcohol. According to his 81 year old father, Chingchai, Songsakran was a good person when sober but became aggressive and quarrelsome after drinking.

Chingchai described how his son, who had been separated from his wife, had left his three young children in the care of Chingchai and his wife since the eldest was five years old. Songsakran only recently returned to live with his family after a prolonged absence.

The heated argument that led to the tragedy was between Songsakran and his eldest son, Witthawat. Songsakran, returning home after a day of work and drinking, became embroiled in a dispute with Witthawat, who was preparing a meal.

Threatening to shoot his son, Songsakran’s outburst prompted Chingchai to intervene, urging Witthawat to leave the house for safety. However, as Witthawat departed, Songsakran fired a gun, resulting in a struggle where Chingchai himself was struck with the weapon, causing injury.

Believing his grandfather was in danger, Witthawat returned to the scene. He confronted his father, questioning why he would attack the man who had raised him and his siblings. Amid confusion and chaos, a third grandson, Witthawat’s younger brother, tried to intervene, but it was too late. Songsakran had already been fatally wounded by Witthawat, who, in a state of panic, fled the scene.

Called to surrender

Chingchai, in a heartfelt appeal, has since encouraged his grandson to surrender, emphasising that the young man still has a future ahead of him. The local police have issued an arrest warrant for Witthawat on charges of parricide. The family and community now await his surrender, hoping for a peaceful resolution to this tragic episode. Meanwhile, relatives have begun funeral rites for Songsakran.

Authorities are calling for Witthawat to present himself to the police, stressing that escape is futile, reported KhaoSod.

They are closely monitoring potential hideouts, including the homes of relatives and friends. They suggest that a cooperative approach may lead to leniency in his sentencing.

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