Thailand Video News | Pregnant Thai woman seeks justice after Russian assault, Sever storm alerts across Thailand

In this video, join Alex and Jay as they cover the diverse news across the country. From the looming threat of severe summer storms casts a shadow over 45 provinces, a pregnant woman’s ordeal at the hands of a Russian national igniting social media. Amidst these headlines, acts of compassion emerge in Pattaya as locals aid a mentally ill Russian tourist, while in Lop Buri, a burgeoning monkey population poses unforeseen safety hazards, prompting urgent calls for action.

Sever storm alerts across Thailand

The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) has issued its seventh severe summer storm warning of the year for 45 provinces, including Bangkok, citing threats of strong winds, thunderstorms, hail, and lightning starting early on March 20. This comes as a moderate high-pressure system from China combines with moist easterly and southeasterly winds, marking the onset of the summer storm season. The forecasted weather phenomena, capable of causing damage and temperature drops, led the TMD to advise residents to exercise caution, particularly around open spaces and unstable structures, and to secure their health, crops, and livestock. The warning follows a previous alert for 62 provinces and spans regions across northern, northeastern, central, and southern Thailand, with residents urged to stay updated through the TMD’s communications channels.


Pregnant Thai woman seeks justice after Russian assault

A pregnant Thai woman, Ploy, sought justice on social media after being kicked by a Russian woman at a coffee shop in Koh Pha Ngan, Surat Thani. Ploy, who is eight months pregnant, posted on Facebook seeking information about the assailant, who later turned out to be a claimed actress, model, and designer on the island. The altercation occurred when the Russian woman, ignoring local customs and signs, entered the shop wearing shoes and reacted aggressively to Ploy’s polite request to remove them, culminating in a physical assault on Ploy. Following the incident, Ploy, the owner of an organic vegetable shop nearby, lodged a complaint with local police, providing CCTV footage as evidence. Despite attempts by the Russian woman’s boyfriend to mediate through local political channels, Ploy remained adamant about pressing charges, emphasizing the assault’s affront to her dignity. Local authorities have identified the assailant and plan to question her and review her visa status amid suggestions of illegal employment in Thailand.


Good samaritan helps reunite Russian tourist with family

In Pattaya, Thailand, Payu Phochai took to Facebook to aid a Russian woman with a mental illness, who became distrustful after being scammed and losing her travel funds. Payu, initially indifferent, was prompted to act when the woman’s family recognized her from a photo shared by his brother online. Despite her visibility in popular locales like Pattaya Beach and Central Pattaya shopping mall, her wariness of locals and language barriers impeded communication attempts. Payu’s updates garnered community support, with many offering sightings in the comments. He eventually encountered her at Central Pattaya and attempted to facilitate a reunion with her arriving family, though it remains unconfirmed if they successfully reconnected.


Lop Buri Monkeys causing mayhem

In Lop Buri, a central province of Thailand, a mischievous monkey caused an accident by stealing food from a motorcyclist near Phra Prang Sam Yot, leading to the rider’s minor injury. This incident, captured and shared by Chanachai Sangsit, a local motorcycle garage owner, underscores the escalating problems with the area’s burgeoning monkey population, which frequently attacks locals for food. Despite an MOU signed by various authorities to address the issue, locals report no significant improvements, with businesses suffering due to monkey thefts and damages. The area near Phra Prang Sam Yot faces economic challenges as shops close and vendors struggle with daily losses, particularly fearing to sell high-value items like bananas and durians. The community calls for a decisive solution to prevent further injuries or potential fatalities, highlighting the tension between the need for wildlife management and public safety.

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