Monkey food theft leads to motorcycle mishap in Lop Buri (video)

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A mischievous monkey in the central province of Lop Buri stole food from a motorcyclist, causing an accident that left the rider injured. Locals in the area are calling for a concrete solution to the growing monkey population before a fatal attack occurs.

Chanachai Sangsit, the owner of a motorcycle garage in Lop Buri, shared footage of the incident with Channel 3 to garner attention from authorities regarding the matter. Chanachai said the incident took place near Phra Prang Sam Yot, where most of the monkeys live.

The video shows a man riding a motorcycle along the road with two bags of food hanging from the left handlebar. Suddenly a monkey jumps on the back seat of the rider, causing the man to lose control of the vehicle.

The motorcycle crashed on the road and several other monkeys nearby rushed to the accident scene to steal food from the victim. Chanachai told the media that the monkey only managed to steal one bag of food as the victim and other locals managed to chase them away.

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According to Chanachai, the victim sustained a minor injury to his foot, and the side mirror of his motorcycle was damaged in the accident. Chanachai stated that this man was not the first victim of the monkey troop at the site.

The monkeys, hungry and aggressive, frequently targeted locals for food. He expressed hope that the authorities would address the issue promptly to prevent any further serious injuries or fatalities caused by these monkeys.

Call for change

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Lop Buri Municipality, and several other relevant departments signed an MOU to solve the money issue in the province on February 7.

Most of the locals told ThaiRath that nothing has changed since the MOU.

ThaiRath reported that the majority of shops along the road near Phra Prang Sam Yot had shut down due to the losses incurred from monkey-related incidents. The footpath in the vicinity was strewn with monkey waste and rubbish.

Various vendors at a nearby fresh market disclosed to the media that their merchandise was pilfered daily. Despite this, they felt compelled to open their shops every day, leaving them with no alternative.

A fruit vendor said that no one dared to sell bananas or durians in the market for fear of the monkeys. Durians are expensive and a big loss if they are stolen.

The vendors further explained that the monkeys not only stole from them but also their customers, prompting many people to prefer shopping malls and supermarkets to avoid such losses.

A motorcyclist in the area, his arm in a sling, spoke to ThaiRath in an interview. He recounted using a weapon to intimidate and drive away the monkeys. Expressing concern for the future of the area, he believed that the authorities could resolve the issue if they genuinely cared.

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