Thai man in Pattaya tries to reunite Russian woman with family (video)

Photo via Facebook/ Payu Phochai and วันดี มีสุข

A Thai man in Pattaya attempted to help a Russian woman reportedly suffering from a mental illness to reunite with her family. The foreign woman did not trust anyone after she was scammed and lost her travel budget.

The Thai man, Payu Phochai, posted pictures and videos of the Russian woman on Facebook yesterday, March 18, asking his followers to contact him if they spotted her. Payu said he did not have many snaps of her but highlighted the snake tattoo on her arm.

Payu stated in his post that the Russian travelled to Pattaya alone and fell victim to a scam, losing all her money. Payu revealed that he met the woman four to five days ago and initially ignored her, thinking she was just a foreign tourist with a mental health issue.

However, his brother shared his selfie picture on Facebook with the Russian woman in the background. Her family came across the picture and urged Payu and his brother to look for her.

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Many Thai netizens shared in the comment section that they saw the woman multiple times on Pattaya Beach, Central Pattaya shopping mall, Pattaya Walking Street, and local restaurants in the area.

Despite attempts to approach her, she seemed unwilling to engage in conversation and appeared distrustful, especially towards Thai people. Some witnesses reported seeing her try to communicate with foreign tourists for assistance but her limited English skills hindered her efforts.

People kept informing Payu of the foreigner’s locations in the comment section. Payu updated his followers today, March 19, that he eventually met the Russian woman at Central Pattaya. He tried to persuade her to wait for her family but she refused.

Payu added that her family arrived in Pattaya today to pick her up. He volunteered to assist them in locating her but no news has been made public on whether the Russian woman has been reunited with her family at the time of the report.

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