Thailand Video News | British pedophile arrested after 30 years in Thailand faces new charges, drunk Russian women assault Thai woman after car crash in Phuket

In Thailand Video News, Alex discusses the latest events and stories in Thailand today. A British pedophile who evaded capture for almost 30 years has been arrested and faces new charges. Two Russian women who were allegedly drunk have crashed into a Thai woman’s car in Phuket and assaulted her. Brothers in Thailand have been arrested for a Facebook scam requesting hospital donations, while a Burmese man in Surin province has blinded a Thai girl after shooting her with a slingshot. A Russian man in Phuket has been arrested for working illegally as a motorbike instructor and actress Ning Panita is being sued for 1 million baht in a defamation case. Vietnamese coffee growers are innovating to avoid pushing coffee prices higher while facing the worst drought in nearly a decade and the Indonesian government is refusing to pay $8 million dollars after a ransomware attack.

British pedophile arrested after 30 years in Thailand faces new charges

A British pedophile, Richard Burrows, who evaded capture in Thailand for nearly 30 years, was arrested at Heathrow Airport and now faces 30 new sex-related charges. The 80-year-old fugitive, wanted since 1997, originally faced charges of child abuse dating back to 1969-1981. Upon his recent arrest, further investigations revealed additional charges involving 11 more victims over three decades. Burrows, a former Scoutmaster, is scheduled to appear in court on August 2. Detective Chief Inspector Ian Smith emphasized the importance of delivering justice, regardless of the time elapsed. The case highlights ongoing efforts to address historical abuse.

Drunk Russian women assault Thai woman after car crash in Phuket

Two allegedly drunk Russian women crashed into a Thai woman’s car in Phuket and then assaulted her to prevent her from stopping them from fleeing. The incident occurred on June 23 around 8 pm. After the collision, the Thai woman tried to talk to the Russians, who refused to get out of their vehicle. Once they finally exited, they tried to leave the scene, prompting the Thai woman to grab their car keys. This led to a physical attack, but a passerby intervened. The Russian women fled into a nearby restaurant and left their rental car behind. The Thai woman reported the incident to the police, urging swift action to prevent similar incidents involving tourists.

Brothers arrested for Facebook donation scam in Thailand

Police arrested brothers Weerapong (19) and Peeraphat (22) for a Facebook scam soliciting hospital donations. They used fake profiles of local celebrities to collect 8,999 baht per donation, claiming it was for hospital equipment. Arrested in Kanchanaburi, they face charges under the Computer Crime Act with penalties up to five years in prison and fines up to 100,000 baht. The scam involved over 100 bank accounts and targeted 400 Facebook users. The brothers admitted to using the funds for personal luxuries and heroin. This case underscores the importance of verifying online solicitations and reporting suspicious activities.

Burmese man shoots and blinds Thai girl after assault in Surin

A Burmese man, Suthee, in Surin province, shot and blinded an 11-year-old Thai girl with a slingshot after she reported his sexual assault to her mother. The girl’s mother sought help from social media influencer Gun Pongpaiboonwet after receiving death threats from Suthee. The girl recorded the assault, leading to the attack. Suthee, recently married to the girl’s grandmother, showed no remorse and claimed the shooting was an accident. Police have charged Suthee and the grandmother with several offenses but released them, despite repeated violence. The girl’s vision recovery remains uncertain.

Russian man arrested in Phuket for illegal motorbike lessons

Phuket Tourist Police arrested Roman Lazarev, a 29-year-old Russian man, for illegally working as a motorbike driving instructor in Kathu. Acting on a tip-off, police found Lazarev teaching a Russian woman to ride a Honda Scoopy-i at a defunct floating market’s parking lot. The woman had paid 2,000 baht for three days of lessons, discovered through an online search. Lazarev was taken to Kathu Police Station and charged with working without a permit. Police also noted the presence of other foreigners offering similar services online.

Actress Ning Panita sued for 1 million baht in defamation case

Actress Ning Panita faces a 1 million baht defamation lawsuit filed by Zan Wisaphat Manomaiyarat and her lawyer, Pornsak Vipasa-apanon, at the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court. After police investigations stalled and the public prosecutor declined to press charges, Zan exercised her right to sue directly. The lawsuit claims Ning made false accusations, damaging Zan’s reputation. A preliminary hearing is set for July 25 to determine if the case will proceed. The legal battle has drawn significant public attention, highlighting the complexities of defamation cases involving public figures. The court’s decision could set a precedent for future defamation cases.

Vietnam coffee farmers innovate amid drought, yet espresso prices may rise

Vietnamese coffee growers face the worst drought in nearly a decade, potentially leading to higher espresso prices worldwide. The Mercantile Exchange of Vietnam forecasts a 10-16% drop in output. However, recent rains have improved the outlook slightly. Farmers like Nguyen Huu Long use techniques such as soil covering and deep-rooted trees to maintain yields. The USDA projects a steady harvest, but the impact on prices remains a concern. Record high wholesale prices have started to affect consumer prices in the EU, with further weather disruptions potentially exacerbating the situation. Additionally, some farmers are switching to durian due to its high demand in China.

Indonesia refuses to pay $8 million ransom after cyberattack

Indonesia’s national data center was compromised by a hacking group demanding an $8 million ransom, which the government refuses to pay. The cyberattack has disrupted services for over 200 government agencies since June 20. Some services, such as immigration at airports, have been restored, but efforts are ongoing to fully recover, particularly for investment licensing. PT Telkom Indonesia is working with authorities to break the data encryption. The Communications and Informatics Ministry, alongside the National Cyber and Crypto Agency, is conducting forensic analysis and has identified the Lockbit 3.0 ransomware.

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