Burmese man shoots and blinds Thai girl after sexual assault

Photo via Facebook/ กันจอมพลัง ช่วยสู้

A Burmese man in the Isaan province of Surin shot and blinded an 11 year old Thai girl with a slingshot after the girl told her mother that he sexually assaulted her.

The 28 year old woman turned to a social media influencer, Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet, after she and her 11 year old daughter received death threats from the 32 year old Burmese man called Suthee, who recently married the child’s grandmother.

Gun visited the two victims at Phanom Dongrak Police Station in Surin yesterday, June 23, and questioned them about the matter. The woman told Gun that her daughter revealed to her that the Suthee sexually assaulted her by touching her breasts and body when she was not present.

The woman decided to share this information with her mother in the hope that she would end the relationship with Suthee. Unfortunately, her mother and Sutee physically assaulted her and even tried to stab her.

The girl recorded the attack on her mobile phone, which infuriated the Burmese man. He shot her in the eye with a slingshot, leaving her blind. The girl’s grandmother even accused her of pretending to be blind and urged her teachers not to believe her.

The woman added that the Suthee also threatened to kill her and her daughter if they did not withdraw the complaint against him.

While Gun and the victims were arguing outside the police station, Suthee arrived with his friend and complained about the victims with his friends.

Gun approached Suthee and condemned him for his violence but Suthee showed no guilt about what he had done. He claimed the shooting was an accident and even dared the police to charge him.

Officers at Phanom Dongrak Police Station insisted that they had not ignored the case and had already charged the girl’s grandmother and Suthee with several offences before releasing them. However, they have since repeated their violent acts and the police promised to punish them according to the law.

Gun also facilitated the treatment of the girl’s eye but it has not yet been confirmed whether or not she will be able to see again.

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